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    expected raw water flow rate on e34-2 / m25xp ?

    Inspect the impeller, if you haven't already, as part of your troubleshooting.
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    Installing Air Conditioning in a 32-200 1990

    Search the site for air conditioning posts, also check/search the blogs. There should be quite a few posts, based on what I have read in the past.
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    Raw pump Q

    I bought my last two from Item #: 500540 Brand: Oberdorfer Model #: 6593 My pump is a 202M-07 Fits Oberdorfer Pump model numbers 201M, 202M, 202M-3, 211M, and 214M. Liquids compatible with neoprene can be pumped including fresh and saltwater solutions and mild chemicals. Do not...
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    Raw pump Q

    If you have a picture of the front of the engine, posting it might help. I can get you a part number from my recent impeller purchase after a trip to the boat this afternoon. My engine uses a -7 pump and needs a paper gasket for the cover.
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    Suspect air pockets in the line from the water tank or deck fill to faucets

    Yes, check the vent lines for both tanks. I have had that problem in the past. Some water tank vent configurations across the Ericson fleet are prone to get water in them, especially if you let the water run into the tanks until the vents let the water out when the tanks is full. As Frank says...
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    Recommendations for a night or two in Olympia

    We've used Swantown Marina a couple times. It is further out and on the east waterway. The two closer to town on the west side are reported to be nice, more convenient and perhaps a little less safe from the public traffic. Call ahead, just to make sure there is room, regardless. We like the...
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    Clog in bilge hose

    What kind of pump do you have? Is it a submersible (Rule) or diaphragm type?
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    5432 Diesel Engine Exhaust Riser

    I do not have the details on the type of stainless steel used. A fabricator can probably recommend what stainless type to use, if it makes any difference. Those threads are tapered (pipe threads) and they were cut onto the elbow to match the flange threads. You will need to supply the flange...
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    5432 Diesel Engine Exhaust Riser

    Replacements, especially cast steel ones, can be hard to find. My replacement riser was custom built in 2004 from three stainless steel 90-degree elbows welded together, plus a little more pipe. The engine end was threaded to match the flange on the engine, and the sea water port added as shown...
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    Thelonious Repair Plan in Oahu--for comment

    For a permanent repair you might consider a similar hose to a drain port (small thru-hull) on one side of the bow at the appropriate height. Weather stripping around the door edges will slow down the water intrusion. Have a good sail back.
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    UPDATE: Thelonious II Completes Hawaii Cruise, 2021.

    Good video, Christian. Good decision to turn around, too. Was your anchor locker pan filling with water? Fixing the hose will probably take care of the problem.
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    How to read Universal M25 dipstick

    The mark near the bottom is the low mark, probably a quart low. The top mark is the full mark and it is right below where the stick changes to round from flat. In the middle is the serial number of the engine, 15841. You should be able to find a sticker or plate on the engine with that number...
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    Custom Mattress

    Our topper is 3 inches, on top of 4 inch cushions. $160 for a queen topper.
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    Custom Mattress

    If you have decent cushions already a memory foam topper might work for you. We bought one from Costco, to go on top of our new cushions, and our upholstery guy modified it and its cover to fit our v-berth.
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    Heat Dome: Good Luck!

    This post refers to our house, of course. The boat can be uncomfortable. We did drop the kayak into Gig Harbor on Sunday and had a cool time, but getting back onto land was brutal at only 103F. Monday was 110F.