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    WTB: Bow Pulpit for 1971 E29

    My E29 has a replaced Bow Pulpit from "Tops in Quality" Marysville Michigan. Is This Your Company? Tops-In-Quality Inc Address:148 Huron Blvd Marysville, MI, 48040-1422 Business Activity:Manufacturer / Exporter Phone:810-364-7150 Fax:810-364-7925 Website:www.topsinqualit...
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    Show me your transom decals

    Old Name
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    Wax on the deck?

    On my last fresh water boat I waxed with Weslies Silicone Car Wax. Rick
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    Wax on the deck?

    non skid deck wax Do an Amazon Search.... Had a friend he used surfboard was on his decks
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    My 1971 Ericson 29 is up for Sale
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    My 1971 Ericson 29 is up for Sale

    I have owned Leviathan for 19 years and I love her. She is easy to sail, stable yet fast. I am selling her because I am retiring and moving out of the state. Race or Cruise She a great boat and build to last. Designed By Bruce King SBCC PHR Rating 204 (for those who want to race) Flag Blue...
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    Hull Number Location

    I never have found the hull number on my 1971 E29.... I had to rely on the registration.
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    Replacing a Port Light

    I just sealed my slided head light closed
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    Hi everyone my name is Sean Linskey, I am a new member happy to meet you all!! Nice information on your boat
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    Bit of an emergency here....advice from our Northern Captains >>>

    A boat in the water will always stay much warmer than a boat on the hard. The water is always warmer than the sub freezing air. This may save you from any breakage. In NY I always put the pink antifreeze into the box and drain the fresh water system... it stay colder here for much longer than...
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    Am I the only one [active in northeastern USA]?

    Greetings, I sail on my E29, the Great South Bay of Long Island, and I am a member of the South Bay Cruising Club. I once anchored in the designated area in the flats on the Jersey side near the Statue of Liberty. What a beautiful sight. as the sun when down, the air cleared, the light of...
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    Chute Inflation

    A Nice pop
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    Mold on the boat