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    Join us on July 22ndat 7pm EDT

    for the CBEC Virtual Meeting

    The Chesapeake Bay Ericson Club (CBEC) is hosting special discussion on:

    Special Guest: Mr. Matt Benhoff,

    Vice President, Annapolis School of Seamanship 

    Topic: Annapolis School of Seamanship Basic Diesel Engine Course

    All EYO members and followers are welcome to join the fun and put a face to the names you've been seeing on the site!

    See the link below for login credentials and join us!

    July Meeting Info

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    ...3 Years in the Making:

    Join Us for the 2022 Ericson Pacific Northwest Rendezvous!

    Due to Covid and all that it brought, our annual tradition was put off for some time. Now it's back with a vengeance!

    Please join us July 22-24 at Genoa Bay, BC Canada for fun, games and we'll learn something as well (maybe).

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Recent content by Geoff Johnson

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    Has anyone ever run aground in their 80s era Ericson?

    Wow! Maybe I've been a overly critical of Ericson. Looks like the Beneteau keel was just attached to a cored hull without any kind of structural grid. I've always thought of the TFG as the real boat, with the hull just a way of keeping it afloat.
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    Has anyone ever run aground in their 80s era Ericson?

    It is. I ran my finger over it and the transition is not detectable. Unfortunately, there is nothing they could do about the fact that the front bolt is supported by fiberglass only 1/2 inch thick. It seems likely that had I not had the keel bolt washers replaced by 1/2 SS plates many years...
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    Has anyone ever run aground in their 80s era Ericson?

    That’s the barrier cost over the fiberglass repair.
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    Has anyone ever run aground in their 80s era Ericson?

    Humpty Dumpty put back together again It is great to have one of the best yards in this area right next door.
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    Has anyone ever run aground in their 80s era Ericson?

    It's at the turn from the slope of the keel stub to the flat mating surface for the keel, which was removed (several inches back from the leading edge). It's a sharp turn and there must have been a manufacturing void that opened up during the grinding. The yard told me they expected to see...
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    Has anyone ever run aground in their 80s era Ericson?

    Keel rebedding redux Well, the keel rebedding was not entirely successful because the seam continued to seep water. The yard agreed to do it yet again (fourth time in my 20+ years owning the boat). It was discovered that some of the bilge fiberglass has delaminated (unclear if from the...
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    Navtec hydraulic backstay adjuster leaking

    Unfortunately, it was many years ago, but I remember it being reasonable. Get a quote from its rigging department. I shipped it in and got it back within a few weeks as I recall.
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    Navtec hydraulic backstay adjuster leaking

    I had mine rebuilt by West Marine
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    E-32-3 mast foot rain leaks

    I have the same boat. The mast leaking rotted the sole causing me to replace it (there is a thread on that somewhere on this site). Now I have a silicone channel from the weep hole to the bilge and have routed out an edge of the bilge of the cover to allow the water to pass through (I also...
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    Impeller Shaft Issue

    Did you ever get an answer from Oberdorfer?
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    Dirty soft plastic winch handle pockets and cowl vents

    Years ago, when I spared no expense, I ditched the vinyl for stainless: https://www.amazon.com/Profile-Stainless-Steel-White-Dorade/dp/B00E0X35UA/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1479230555&sr=8-4&keywords=boat+cowl+vent...
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    Has anyone ever run aground in their 80s era Ericson?

    No leaks. I thought the keel bolts looked great after 30 years, but the yard seemed to think that there was some corrosion so they double bolted them. Of course, as I mentioned previously, I have already had the keel dropped twice before in the 20 years I have owned the boat, once to check for...
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    Engine problem: M50 dies on quick throttle change

    I had the same problem a number of years ago. I turned out that the flapper valve just after the exhaust riser (which prevents backflow into the engine) had become dislodged and whenever power was applied it would block the exhaust, causing it to stall.
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    Has anyone ever run aground in their 80s era Ericson?

    The details are that I just joined a new club in Mamaroneck, NY. The backlight on my Garmin 3005c crapped out (not reparable due to, lack of parts, thanks Garmin) so I was returning to harbor using the buoys. There is one, "MM", that is at least .1 miles from shore that is marked as a mid...