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    Anyone have a Kubota part number for the Kubota OEM water pump for the M25 engine?

    Raw water pump or coolant pump ? Raw water pumps are non OEM and are usually either Sherwood or Oberdorfer. Oberdorfer is the better of the two and is easily rebuilt.
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    Bottom paint for 38-200 on fresh water lake

    Here on southern Lake Michigan VC17 is the paint of choice. I have also used Westmarine FW21 (aka Pettit SR21) with great success. Usually the best deal is on West FW21 when they put in on sale in the spring.
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    Anyone Recognize this Boat ?

    Saw this on the Ericson owners Facebook page .
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    Neutral safety switch

    I had this same problem with our 34-2. It was intermitent and drove me crazy untill I found this post ." I did "Change C" and them put the glow plugs on a solenoid. Problem solved.
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    Stanchion Blocks For Roller Furling Line

    Looking at stanchion block setups for the roller furling line on our 34-2. Currently have solid eyes attached to the stanchion bases and the line appears to have sawed almost though some of them. Currently considering both the Harken and Garhauer products. Would appreciate any input or...
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    E34-2 owners - what are your engine bed measurements?

    mbp , Give Stanley at Beta Marine in South Carolina a call he can provide you with all you need to know about fitting that engine in you boat. I have not re powered my 34-2 but two years ago I changed the mounts and switched over to a four point mounting system. In the process I discovered that...
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    Front Page Construction Status

    When I bring the site up I get the intro and them it goes into Forums. Once in Forums I click on the home tab and it goes/stays in Forums. Maybe Forums and Home are the same ?
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    Prop Shaft Log Failure, Sinking Boat

    Had this exact problem four years ago on day number two of ownership of our 34-2. The bilge had filled overnight and after pumping out it didn't take long for more water to begin accumulating in the bilge. Traced the leak to the back of the stuffing box where water was steadily dripping...
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    Water Foot Pump?

    On our 34-2 there is a valve under the sink that allows the salt water pump to be used for either salt water or ice box pump out.
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    Marine Tide Sailtrack on an E27

    Mark F. Take a look at Mack Sails Mack Pack. Very simple design and easy to use. The zipper has a continuous line system which allows it to be zipped up from anywhere on the boom. Had both the Mack Pack and the strong track on my last boat. Made dropping and stowing the main almost as easy as...
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    Marine Tide Sailtrack on an E27

    Had one on my last boat (C&C 30) and found that it , along with lazy jacks and a stack pack to be one of the better things that i bought for that boat. The tides track rides up the the luff grove of your mast. I don't really see how the aft profile of your mast would make a difference. I was...
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    Old Autohelm 4000 Control Head With New Raymarine EV-100 Wheel ?

    Thanks everyone for the input. Good to know that I have some options. Afrakes pm sent.
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    Old Autohelm 4000 Control Head With New Raymarine EV-100 Wheel ?

    My ancient Autohelm 4000 wheel pilot no longer works unless he clutch lever is held in place with a bungee cord. So far I have changed the belt and the idler/tension wheel and fiddled with the adjustment screw to no avail. I have finally come to the conclusion that after 30 years its probably...
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    FS: Ericson Logo Vinyl Stickers

    Found these on Amazon
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    FS: Ericson Logo Vinyl Stickers

    Make 'em blue and I'll buy too ! I would buy in blue as well as my boat has the smaller cove stripe with the Ericson logo affixed to the (white) gelcoat above it.