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    Took the Ericson out for a full throttle one hour exercise run today

    You can also compare your Tach rpm in idle vs in gear. My tach will reach 3000 rpm in idle at WOT, but only about 2800 in gear with boat moving at hull speed. I was only getting 2600 in gear two days ago until I swam below to chip all the barnacles off the prop. RPM in gear seems pretty...
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    E32-3 Reefing Mysteries

    I might investigate the large gap between the front of your boom and the gooseneck fitting. I think these parts should have a snug fit. It looks like the holes have elongated in either your boom, gooseneck, or both. Too much play in the fitting could lead to cracking/splitting of the aluminum...
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    White smoke in E38 Universal diesel engine

    Undoing those rusted pipe fitting takes a "ton" of force, if it's even possible at all. The pipe sections make just break (like the broken section you have) before twisting out of their adjacent fittings. It's unlikely you'd ever get enough leverage to remove them while they're still in the...
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    Sail cover color choices + logo

    When I bought a Fairclough winter cover a few years ago it was available in blue or gray. I wanted blue to match the boat, but then I considered how unattractive it might look with when streaked with white/grayish bird poop all over it. Gray hides those stains pretty well.
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    Re-visiting single-line reefing

    I ran the topping lift aft on the boom last year so I can adjust it from the helm. That was all a part of my decision to try the single-line reefing and reefing-lines-led-aft approaches.
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    Knocking after replacing fuel injectors

    Interesting discussion on diesels, and one I hadn't heard before. So, is it the need for a "chemically balanced" fuel-air mixture that explains the old yarns about: 1) why diesels don't like changes in RPM and prefer to be run all day at a constant speed (presumably, at the high end of their...
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    Knocking after replacing fuel injectors

    Yeah, that makes sense. One article I read about gas-engine knocking talked about a "controlled burn/expansion" versus a "rapid explosion" in the cylinder--the latter causing knocking. I think we're all (or, many of us) becoming youtube and EYO certified experts now. Makes me wonder how the...
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    Have 2 questions installing Universal M25 Alternator mount conversion kit

    Hey Tex, I hate to rain on someone's idea, and maybe I shouldn't argue with what a Kubota guy told you, but I personally wouldn't be comfortable with that new bracket as a final fix for the alternator bracket problem. The big problem with the alternator bracket has to do with this "ear." Since...
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    Re-visiting single-line reefing

    Since I'm a causal sailor, I figured that 1) the first reef is rarely essential--I always have the option of sailing overpowered with full sail, or under-powered with 2 reefs, without any dire consequences, and 2) the easier it is to put in and take out the first reef, the more I'll use it. I...
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    Knocking after replacing fuel injectors

    Although, in thinking it over, I still have the same confusion--even with glowing carbon deposits in the cylinder, there is nothing to ignite until the fuel is injected, which is when the combustion should occur anyway.
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    Knocking after replacing fuel injectors

    Thanks Loren. I've been a diesel owner for going on 4 years now. Still lots to learn.
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    Knocking after replacing fuel injectors

    How does a diesel pre-detonate? It can't ignite until the fuel is injected. Wouldn't that be the same thing as knocking, and caused by errant fuel timing?
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    Knocking after replacing fuel injectors

    Last year when I changed fuel filters, I filled the secondary filter with Seafoam before re-installing. I did NOT get any knocking from the Seafoam, but I can't say the engine ran any better afterward, either. Seafoam showed a demo on You-tube of filling the fuel filter with their product on a...
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    Knocking after replacing fuel injectors

    Sounds just like mine. I used to think I heard a "slapping" sound that I convinced myself was from the belt being too loose. I ether got the tension right eventually, or I just got used to the sound. I can see your belt wobbles a bit between the alternator and crankshaft pulley, too--just...
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    Sail into Slip if Engine Fails?

    Zodiac? 9.9 Johnson??? Hell, if I had that combination, I could tow it with a beer in my other hand....