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    "Blog" Observations

    Great work. Thanks again.
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    30+ Overheating- Solution in Hand?

    I think you're on the right track with your over-propped theory. The fact that the temp usually stays at 180 might indicate that the thermostat is doing what it is supposed to. I followed your exhaust system re-build and I think it's top-notch--should be no problems there. After rebuilding my...
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    "Blog" Observations

    Thanks Sean. I re-wrote the blog under my existing blog collection and it posted just fine. It did leave the "original" blog post under the "second me," as Loren said. I went back and just entered "deleted" for this blog title and content. I couldn't figure out how to get rid of it though...
  4. Automatic Bilge Pump Installation

    E32-2 Automatic Bilge Pump Installation

    I finally got around to installing an automatic bilge pump in Mariah last month. It only took me 3 years since I first thought of doing so. I voiced my reasoning elsewhere in earlier posts: The boat is on a mooring buoy (no AC or solar) in an isolated area. Ultimately, all the auto bilge...
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    "Blog" Observations

    I wrote a blog entry that was "approved" by a moderator. When I click on "post entry," it asks me to choose a category and then wants me to start entering the blog writeup/photos all over again. How can I post what I already wrote? Also, how can I add this blog entry to my existing blog...
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    E35-3 rudder drop clearance

    Zerks are threaded fittings. I drilled + tapped + epoxied mine into place, but you can also just drill + epoxy into place. Stainless zerks can be hard to find.
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    COVID and the Rendezvous (also all travel)

    Perhaps "Drop-Dead Date" was a poor choice of words for the current situation.......;)
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    Mosquitoes in Maine?

    Hell, he only needed to swat one of 'em!
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    You are not going to believe this one and a what is it? :

    No arguments here. However, it seems Ericson's design (unlike your diagram) was that the pressure cap necks on BOTH the engine manifold AND the header tank have overflow lines to the recovery tank. While this might seem redundant, it allows, as is my current situation, normal engine operation...
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    You are not going to believe this one and a what is it? :

    Just an amateur's opinion, but I don't think a momentary 200 deg overheat necessitates an oil change. The Universal manual shows normal operating temp range of 165-190 deg. Probably more harm done operating the engine below 165 than up at 200 for a few minutes. Also, I believe the header...
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    Solo sailing.

    "Social distancing" is difficult to execute in an Ericson cockpit.....
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    Companionway reflective sheeting

    I attached an old article I found on Sailboat Engine Considerations. It's interesting, but a bet perfectionist. Here's an excerpt from page 7: "All diesel engines need lots of fresh air for combustion. Ideally, a blower wired to the key switch and designed to automatically run and shut off...
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    I would think that would be a 23hp M25XP on a 1989, and not a 21hp M25. Worth asking about. That's mold growing in the billges. I'd be checking for mold elsewhere too.
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    Cleaning a fuel tank

    Thanks Loren. Tin Kicker-so you DID change the filler hose? Did you reuse the deck-fill plate or buy new. What was the PITA rating (1-10) of accessing and replacing the hose on a 32-3?
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    Running rigging to cockpit

    These might help you get started: