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    Ericson 380 issues for upcoming survey?

    ditto above
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    Froli Travel bed systems?

    Yes we have the Froli system under the V berth cushions and a topper. It helps.
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    Diesel fuel leak

    Take my advice and replace the whole fuel assembly now. It will start leaking air when running the engine and your engine will run for about 30 minutes until the filter bowl is empty then the engine will starve and stop. There are not repair kits for the assemblies. My replacement for the old...
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    Optimal Headsail Percentage

    The other issue not mentioned with having a big 150 genny is the furling drum has a hell of a lot of furling line to wind up and in my case more than the furling drum could hold so would jam up occasionally. My 135 genny with a foam luff is a perfect size in my opinion.
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    For Sale: 1981 Ericson 38

    Bump this up. Price reduced to $59,900 and is now listed on Yachtworld
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    What good is a boom vang?

    I installed a Garhauer vang on my E38 it's a top quality piece of gear and an excellent investment to control the boom and mainsail shape. Also can be used in place of the need of a topping lift. My vang control line is brought back into the cockpit.
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    For Sale: 1981 Ericson 38

    After a lot of soul searching I'm considering putting my 1981 Ericson 38 "Kiwi" on the market and to hopefully sell her before the end of the sailing season here in October. She's setup for extended cruising and is turn key ready and located in Groton, CT. I'm asking $69k. Attached is her sale...
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    Navigation at the helm

    I use a Samsung 10.1 tablet with OpenCPN free navaigation application and NOAA charts, also have it networked via WiFi to my Vesper AIS so i can see AIS tragets and send waypoints to my NMEA 2000 networked autopilot etc...
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    Considering Purchase ERICSON 38

    If you're thinking of living aboard during a New England winter you'll have issues. Unless you can run the fire place 24x7 you'll need supplamental heating from shorepower or a diesel heater. Most marinas here winterize their docks for winter so there'll be no dock water available. In general...
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    INSURANCE (Combined threads)

    BoatUS just sent me my GEICO insurance policy renewal. It's an increase from $879 to $969 for the same coverage. $42.9k agreed value that is the maxium they will cover, $300k liability, $0 deductible that they automtically reduce it to $0 in steps over 4 years.
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    Thelonious Repair Plan in Oahu--for comment

    Christian. That copper fitting is odd as my chain locker has a countersunk plastic hose fitting to the 1/2" hose. I'd suggest hunting down a plastic 1/2 hose fitting or even a marine thru-hole type would work oo. If you need to cut in an inspection hatch to the forward part of the chain locker...
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    [E35-3] Trans/coupler/mount questions

    Yip replaced the mounts. BTW my boat has no urethane shaft spacer like yours. Link to my blog about the mounts. I rechecked my shaft alignment this last spring and it was perfect.
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    [E35-3] Trans/coupler/mount questions

    Interesting. I wonder if it would be a good safety measure to place the prop shaft zinc anode a few inches from the strut so the shaft doesn't slide back to far in the event it decouples.
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    Universal 5432 K&N air filter modification

    Post in thread 'Universal 5432 air intake upgrade'
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    Universal 5432 air intake upgrade

    Update: I replaced my 40 year old Universal 5432 original old oil clogged air filter with the K&N RA-0470 today and it’s a perfect fit. Comes with backside knockout and fitting for the crankcase valve cover breather thingy hose. I’m happy with the new filter and the old girl breaths easy now...