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  • Interesting observation I made this weekend, likely why you moved your water heater. I remove mine to replace it with a virtual identical replacement (6 gal alum Kuuma). When I removed the old, there was no way to drain. I realized that even when I drained my water tanks, my HW tank remained filled; 50 lbs in the port quarter. Once removed, the boat assumed a new waterline almost 1" lower on the port side.
    Normally, I only need hot water when I cruise with my bride. Otherwise, daysailing and casual racing, where I can benefit from that 50#. So, I'm installing isolation valves and will drain the tank unless using it for cruising. i never would have thought I'd see such a change in draft.
    Hi Loren
    I'm working on the boat, and wondering if ALL O-34's have straight spreaders vs swept back. My mast was replaced within a month of the boat's delivery back in 1990, and is a southern spar. I'm wondering if the straight spreaders are original or a function of the replaced mast.
    Hope all is well. Loki is holding up well, upgrading several parts. She's a keeper.
    Hey Loren- We were trying to keep up with you upriver yesterday to no avail, and crossed paths on the way back down (we were the E27 O/B with the gray sheer stripe). Our friends got some photos of you under sail which I will try to post when they send to me if that's ok with you (and they show Fresh Air in a flattering way!). What a perfect evening for a sail!


    Loren: Came into possession in August of an O34, hull #109, the former Kona Makai, which is now stored inside/unheated in Chicago where the CPR process is underway. She was on the hard for at least 2+ years, cabin is a wreck, stanchion damage and other lack-of-attention problems, but the engine (functioned great for the trek from Racine WI!) and hull are sound. Mast is stepped and the assessment of the standing rigging is also underway.

    I've surfed and lurked this site for 2+ months and figured it was time to introduce the boat and myself to you. There's an O34 (Dionysus?) stored at the same yacht yard (haven't met the owner, yet) and I have friends that have raced their O34 (Tenacity)for 10+ years, also in Chicago, who have proved to be a wonderful "hey, what's this?" resource.

    'Nuff said. Hope this makes it through the ether to you. Take care.
    I'm a new member. I'm helping restore a 1989 O34 and we're looking for an original owners manual. Any thoughts?
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