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    Used Diesel?

    After posting a notice, I had one -probable- offer of $1K for my running M25XP. It was going to need a rebuild in the future, tho.
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    Used Diesel?

    The engine in that ad is incorrectly claimed to be 25 hp. That model is 23 hp. This indicates that they are, at the least, neglectful in not knowing something that they should know in their line of business. As always.... "caveat emptor".....
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    Anyone ever use this Whale bilge pump?

    centrifugal pump, but with a lower profile than the vertical-oriented motor on the Rule pumps. Let us know if you install it; I have not seen one in use before.
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    Used Diesel?

    Similar price and labor parameters for my decision to put in a new Beta. That, and wife/'admiral' totally agreed. :) She likes reliability when we are miles from anywhere in our boat. As for the EY front mount scheme, I sorta-kinda believe that the combo-center mount unbolts and the side feet do...
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    Transmission Problems...again. - The Saga Continues

    On our former M25XP, I learned to loosen the two "hose clamps" that held the HE onto its two saddles. Then gently move it aside and then access the fill plug (and dip stick).
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    Question on rudder paint...E35-3 instruction manual

    When on the hard, direct sunlight may sometimes heat up and even warp a rudder blade. Dark colors of paint exacerbate this potential problem. Or, so I have been told over the years.
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    Bottom paint for 38-200 on fresh water lake

    Like Frank, I used VC17 for a decade on our prior 26 footer. And also true that you would need to research to see if it would go on over whatever is already there. For the last twenty years we have relied on a "slime resistant" semi-hard paint. So check on local knowledge........ I should note...
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    A "big one" - rotten deck under heater chimney

    FWIW, I have used a drill sanding drum, about 1.5 or 2." for a lot of holes around the boat that needed to be trued up. 80 grit works well, even at a slow speed with a variable speed 3/8 drill motor.
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    Propeller Shaft repair Ericson 38

    Where is the engine located in the E-38 ? (several years in late 80's it was forward under an enlarged galley counter, and this may have brought the shaft log and strut forward for those, also.) Also, an honest estimate by the yard would let you know how much extra time might be needed if they...
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    Sail Slug Strength

    AFAIK, the clew on a loose-foot main should have a bronze or SS slug.
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    2020 PNW Rendezvous - July 17-19, 2020 - Genoa Bay Marina

    Probably NOMB, but did you buy the project boat stored at Schooner Creek Boat Yard? A friend of mine owned it until about a decade ago (or more) and cruised it in BC waters.
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    Head Stay Replacment

    Ahem.... when I was on a 29 footer sailing up the WA coast many decades ago, we lost the rig. Cause was stress corrosion, INSIDE one of the lowers, about an eighth inch down from the lip of the ss swage. Invisible. From talking to riggers over the years this is common. So it's good to note the...
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    Origo 4100 pot hold

    Different question, and there are a lot of considered replies in previous threads. While some boaters are adamant about their choice of stove fuel, I find it best to focus on the BTU output of a given burner. We can boil, fry, and (in our over) bake cookies. We had a propane cooktop on our prior...
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    Is this actually an Ericson?

    Before some changes and mods, it might be an E-35-1, or maybe a 35-2. Just guessing..... CL ads are kind of the 'wild west' of casual commerce. :) It might not even be an Ericson, either......
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    Head Stay Replacment

    Many years ago when our mast was down for a re-rig, that Kenyon SS halyard-guide cage was removed and mirror polished. The original screws were well-attached by corrosion. They were difficult to remove. OTOH, the work paid off in much-reduced potential wear on our then-new rope halyards that...