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    Stress Cracks

    Opinion Piece: (and worth 2 cents on a god day) "Stress Cracking" is a phrase that gets used a lot, and often for only distantly-related problems and reasons. The most fraught meaning, for most listeners, is an indicator of underlying weakness in the either engineering or construction... that is...
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    WEBCAMS of Member Home Ports

    Might just be the perspective view, but it looks like you would need to be ready to apply full power in case the hook misses the arresting cable..... :)
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    smelly drawers

    Our model does not have as much cabinetry as yours, but we did remove all the drawers several years ago and bring them home to refinish. I sanded them inside and out, and applied several coats of varnish. While they had no particular smell before, the varnish does seal the wood against damp or...
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    Am I the only one [active in northeastern USA]?

    Sure looks like an E-36C, to me. Interesting.
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    32-200 Leaky portlights are fun

    Maintaining the look of original parts will impress some buyers motivated by a sort of 'concours' expectation, while others will be indifferent or even like to see an upgrade. I would just like to see the iconic trapezoidal shape maintained, for that Ericson "look". Oddly enough, the Olson's...
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    32-200 Leaky portlights are fun

    Since our boat is stripped of all windows for a re-paint, for a while longer, perhaps some other owners can help out. Basically, the lens is held on by screws and a 1/8 inch thick bed of adhesive sealant, with about an inch of overlap onto the cabin side beyond the opening. Some other brands of...
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    Clean, buff? wax? black anodized spar

    I understand that unless you specifically have aluminum "hard coat anodized" you should not do anything to polish or abraid regular anodized surfaces -- the coating is relatively soft. I would stick with cleaning and waxing, just to be safe.
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    32-200 Leaky portlights are fun

    Another way to "fix" problems with the old split frame fixed ports is to.... Blasphemy alert! ..... replace them with external lenses like our Olson's. (I am sure that the ancient Viking ship builders would have used polycarbonate and even fiberglass.... if these materials had existed. After...
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    Big wind, big sea - stories from the helm?

    Gary, Thanks for the great narrative... Needs only one more sentence at the end: "And That's all I have to say about That!" :)
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    Big wind, big sea - stories from the helm? Found this blog, with some searching on "Brooks Peninsula".... I have heard that it's quite rough, and this narrative also confirms that. (My experience with big winds/seas was a southbound delivery past Cape Mendocino.... and...
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    E35-2 repair to chainplate bulkhead anchoring

    While this model and many others with ss chainplates that go thru the deck and bolt to bulkheads can have this problem, remember that the current "problem to be fixed" started many years earlier. i.e. one or more prior owners did not seal the deck against: 1) moisture getting into the balsa...
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    Stress Cracks

    Stanchions get lots of tugging and pulling that can stress the deck, but pulpits usually have the (significant) additional strength of multiple legs, all welded together. Has there been a collision sometime in the past where the pulpit contacted a piling or some other unyielding object? Post up...
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    Suggestions for waste holding tank on 1975 32-2

    Quite a few of us have rebuilt our head plumbing and tank system. When starting from scratch, you can design in your fill and pump-out fittings better than they probably were, back in the day. I would recommend having the fill go into the top of the tank, and have both exits handled via dip...
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    Hurth Transmission Oil [E35-3]

    My drain plug experience, FWIW.
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    Hurth Transmission Oil [E35-3]

    Caution is always a good idea.... OTOH, one of the many reasons we changed to more modern engine and transmission was the mass of anecdotal evidence that nearly anything, including the phases of the moon, can cause a Hurth 50 to fail. :(