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  • Mark,

    You mentioned in another post that you installed some T-Track inboard for your 110% jib. I'm thinking I want to do the same.The original toe rail track is simply to far aft for anything other than a yankee cut jib. I want more of a full blade. Sure would liek to see a pic of what you have done.

    Kirk Jockell
    Mark F., I thought the interior of my E27 (yours before the renov.) was attractive enough, but I sit here with my jaw slack after your pics of the joiner work redo. All I can say is that I'm in awe of what you have done. It's a work of art and I envy your imaginative and creative eye and craftsmanship. I 've wanted to do something with those "cubby holes and the wire run" that would be more useful, but this...Just when I don't need a new project. Would you share some insight with me. Did you make drawings, blueprints or patterns for the build? Did you build in place or assemble, then install? Would you email me ? or PM? or answer int blog/forum?
    The cabin remodel work looks beautiful. And the info on conversion to E power is very interesting. I have an old volvo saildrive that is under the microscope at this time. I could easily add 438(?) lbs of batteries and have no change in present ballast
    Would like to hear more about e/power and what kinda' use you're employing it...sea, inland, etc. My A4 is not long for this world! Dave Buchholz 76 E32 SlowRide
    Hi Stuart,
    I really like this setup. I spent right around $6000. The initial installation; SolidNav motor/controller, 4 group 27 amg's, 48 volt charger and wiring took maybe 3 days. The hardest part was figuring out where the batteries would go and adjusting the space for them. Yes I do have regenerative capabilities with the unit, it is minimal but I do get some power. I'll post something on the forum.
    Hi Mark. Looks nice. How much did you spend on this? Time and money? Can generate/charge while sailing from the prop spinning?
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