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    rub rail replacement

    Hi rglore, Can you post some photos when you replace your rubrail insert?
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    WEBCAMS of Member Home Ports

    Not my home port but one I visit;
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    WEBCAMS of Member Home Ports

    Santa Cruz Ca. There are multiple views that can be navigated through the position link.
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    E 32 Hull Wiki

    Hi Tom, The 1990 32-200 Blue Chip has a wing keel.
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    Ashes over my shiny Ericson 27

    Great idea Filkee, here is the webcam for Santa Cruz Harbor; We were evacuated for 13 days during the worst of the CZU fire in Santa Cruz and San Mateo counties (still smoldering). There was so much ash on the boat that...
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    Doggy Come Sail

    Hi Denise, Here is a photo of the modification I made on the companionway ladder. The top step/counter is as wide as the counter to the right (sink area). It might help but it is still steep after the top step.
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    Mast base repair?

    Hi Hieric, If you go the new mast base organizer route Ballenger Spars is a good source. Here is a photo of the tabernacled mast base on my E27. The organizer is under the hinge part.
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    Just purchased 1972 27' Hull number 51

    Welcome to the site. Lots of E27 info here.
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    If my engine ever decides to give up the ghost...I'm going QT10.0 >>>

    Some of my best friends have diesels in their sailboats ;-). Back when I had fresh lead acid propulsion batteries in my E27 I motored for 5+ hours at 4 knots in calm flat conditions. I used about 1/2 of my "available" (200ah @48volts) battery power. That was definitely battery abuse as I ran...
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    Gybe question

    What a great thread. How did I miss this? I use Christian's suggested technique in light winds all the time but never thought to do it in heavy winds. For me single handing in strong winds I sheet in the main, gybe (the main), let the main out fast then settle into a wing on wing sail set. At...
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    Looking at Ericson 35-2...

    Not to beat the rudder issue to death but - the shape is the obvious difference for me original E35-2; Schumaker "Cal" design;
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    It was an expensive weekend...[Jib Shredded]

    Hi K2MSmith, I use a headsail UV sock for my headsails. I like it. There is the added step of installing it after sailing so if you like to roll it and forget it you might not like the added step. For less than the price of two sun covers for your headsails you can have a sock made. Having a...
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    1979 E30 2 Sunk during Isaias, worth saving?

    Hi Tufan, Bummer. I think the 30-2 is a rare-ish Ericson with the transom hung rudder. You are in fresh water, right? That should help with corrosion in the future. Will insurance pay to pump it out and move it? There was a boat (Columbia 26?) here in Santa Cruz that sunk in it's slip 10 years...
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    Looking at Ericson 35-2...

    I agree with Loren, the rudder looks to be a modification to the "Cal" style design. That is a plus.
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    Marina Vocabulary, Please

    I can't wait to see the video of Christian bumbling through his boating instructions to 9 year old Natalia ;)