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    Join us on July 22ndat 7pm EDT

    for the CBEC Virtual Meeting

    The Chesapeake Bay Ericson Club (CBEC) is hosting special discussion on:

    Special Guest: Mr. Matt Benhoff,

    Vice President, Annapolis School of Seamanship 

    Topic: Annapolis School of Seamanship Basic Diesel Engine Course

    All EYO members and followers are welcome to join the fun and put a face to the names you've been seeing on the site!

    See the link below for login credentials and join us!

    July Meeting Info

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    ...3 Years in the Making:

    Join Us for the 2022 Ericson Pacific Northwest Rendezvous!

    Due to Covid and all that it brought, our annual tradition was put off for some time. Now it's back with a vengeance!

    Please join us July 22-24 at Genoa Bay, BC Canada for fun, games and we'll learn something as well (maybe).

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Recent content by Prairie Schooner

  1. Prairie Schooner

    Painting engine compartment?

    I saw somewhere that an owner put LED strip lights in the box frame above the engine. It's on my tier three to-do list. Definitely dark in there.
  2. Prairie Schooner

    Vendors, General West Marine [and alternatives]

    Sourcing parts: A common complaint, and one I've made, is having to pay extra for something just because it's 'marine' grade. The mechanic remounting our engine pointed out the fuel line I'd purchased at NAPA as something to be replaced. Functionally, they are probably fine, but he says if...
  3. Prairie Schooner

    Deck stress cracks underneath upper, and forward lower

    Likely you attended to both these, but: Do you know if those holes got the epoxy/redrill treatment? Rod/MaineSail is pretty adamant about chamfering any holes in gelcoat, too.
  4. Prairie Schooner

    Differences between E32-3 and E35-3 1985-1986

    The quarter berth on the 35-3 is a cozy double while it looks like in the 32-3 in the above images it is a definite single. When we were boat shopping I was hot for an aft cabin. Not gonna change boats, but I'd still like to see what the aft cabin in the 34's is like.
  5. Prairie Schooner


    Congratulations!! Well done David.
  6. Prairie Schooner

    Want to Buy- Barient #19 ST winch drum

    Thanks Alan. I sent an him an email. Looks like a must-visit if I ever get out that way.
  7. Prairie Schooner

    Want to Buy- Barient #19 ST winch drum

    In the course of servicing one of our winches a retaining screw for the upper crown broke off. I figure my chances of an effective repair aren’t good. I’d like to purchase a used drum and ST crown assembly with screws, if you have one. OR, if you have a complete #19 ST, I’d be interested in...
  8. Prairie Schooner

    Head (toilet) Hose Connections Ericson 381

    @Loren Beach @Christian Williams Thanks guys. Helpful perspective. I'll get the basic gear put back in with the salt/fresh wyes and save the vented loop on for further down the list. But I'll have to make closing the thru-hull a new habit.
  9. Prairie Schooner

    Head (toilet) Hose Connections Ericson 381

    Peggy Hall recommends a vent loop, though I don't see them often in installations. When we got the boat last fall we'd find some sea water in the toilet bowl after sailing. Would a loop stop that? Are vent loops a nice improvement or is the absence of one a disaster waiting to happen?
  10. Prairie Schooner

    Head (toilet) Hose Connections Ericson 381

    No wonder I couldn't figure it out! I was trying to imagine how all this happened with only one wye. Do you still pump with fresh water on your long voyages? Thanks Christian.
  11. Prairie Schooner

    Head (toilet) Hose Connections Ericson 381

    Hi Christian, As I reinstall our head fixins I've been using Peggy's book and your photos as guides. I've got a mental block. Is there a way in your system to use raw water to flush the toilet, in addition to the fresh from the sink? I can't figure out where that could happen. [edit: Is there a...
  12. Prairie Schooner

    Can others dig out and wiggle and pull from mud their Ericson, like my Ericson 25?

    @alexwilliamrussell Alas, when our six foot draft grounded out the water was too deep to get out and push. Kedging, however, did the trick. That twenty-five pound Bruce was a beast to throw. I since found a smaller used Danforth which I purchased specifically for kedging.
  13. Prairie Schooner

    Matching Gel coat

    Matching 36 year old Ericson White. I started with yellow and red, adding a little brown but it was too warm. This was my third try. Oddly, it seemed to match better when I added a little blue. I made little patches with hardener on the bulkhead and transom. We'll see tomorrow. . . . . . The...
  14. Prairie Schooner

    SailGP in F50 Foiling Cats

    Bob, you can own a consumer version for only $9M. https://www.sailingworld.com/story/sailboats/boat-of-the-year-2020-eagle-class-53-best-multihull/ I saw the Eagle recently in Newport (RI). Looking a little worse for wear. Maybe you can get it for cheaper as a fixer upper.
  15. Prairie Schooner

    Beta 30 repower in a 1986 E35 mk3

    Hi Sully, We have similar experience, have tried things, but no useful knowledge accumulated. I got it to run last fall so we could be pulled for the winter. Still on the hard so we don't know if that 'fix' still works. How are things going now with your engine? Jeff