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    Surveyor in Alameda ?

    I also used Ben in 2019 -- He was great on my 84E35
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    35-3 icebox conversion

    And how did it all work? I also have an 84 E35-3 (171). Looking to make all kinds of modifications; this is one of the most important
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    Installing Refrigerator Kit in E34-2 Galley.

    Do you have pictures. The E35-3 has wiring for a refrigerator on the AC side. I have a neighbor who has an E38 and his frig is an old Adler-Barbour. Yes the compressor resides in the compartment you describe. The frig you bought runs on both AC and DC? I thought only AC. How many amps does...
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    New Heat Exchanger OEM or Mr. Cool?

    I did order two 3" clams that fit around the Hx. Not clear yet if they will bolt on engine and replace saddle for 2". Will find out later today. Next Q. MRCOOL said that "Note: … and radiator caps required to make them ready for installation" would be included. They were not included. Is...
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    New Heat Exchanger OEM or Mr. Cool? - trying out for first time I will let you know. Bought one Installing tomorrow - connecting pipes feel brittle. This is to replace the original clogged 2" dia Hx with a larger one for a Universal 25...