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    Ericson Characteristics vs. Beneteau and similar Newer Designs

    The wider flatter hull of the "B" should roll about the same amount but snap more at the ends of the rolls making the roll much more intolerable. Rolling at anchor isn't fun in either model. In a slight aside, The skippers of the Vendee Globe race are apparently wearing ear muffs because the...
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    Thought it wouldn't happen to me

    After being stranded three times in my first year of ownership with no wind and no working engine because of the wiring, I decided to strip out my entire engine wiring "system" and start over. The first step was to decide what I wanted and didn't want. -Eliminate the high amperage circuit...
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    Ericson Characteristics vs. Beneteau and similar Newer Designs

    The Benetaeu is fast off the wind. You lose the fillings in your teeth upwind in a chop. My ride in a little smaller version of this boat was most unpleasant. Of course our Straights are most choppy. If you have a fat backside, you need a broad flat bow to counterbalance it. Hence you lose...
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    1987 E-34 Going to be listed soon

    Ack! An underpinning is being yanked out. Tom, you always have been solid here. With all my fun in the last couple of years, I've been just hanging in there. Terra Nova is still afloat. I'm told I really shouldn't be sailing alone and don't dare sail with someone else. The hell with it, I...
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    Wanted: Boom for Ericson 27

    What's the shot part? Is it the tube or is it the end pieces? The tube is relatively cheap. The end pieces not so much so. Good anodizing/or painting makes all the difference.
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    Rebuild or Repower?

    One of the biggest advantages of the Betamarine is the low cost of parts when sourced through Kubota. As an example, a glow plug sourced through Universal was $59.99. Through Kubota, it was $15.99 and through A-1 auto, it was $5.99. This was for the same Champion plug in each case. The...
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    Your thoughts on location of an "in-hull" 3D transducer >>>

    I tried in hull on the 34. I found the only area I got a reasonable reading was aft near the fuel tank. Went with thru hull and get readings to 1250 feet. The depths are amazing up here.
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    Looking at Ericson 35-2...

    I thought the Ranger 33's interior was a sail locker. I used to race a 33 and that's what the interior was used for. It holds lots of bags of sails. Great light air sailor! It took a bit of a beating in heavy air.
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    Paper chart plotting and navigation

    I did the paper thing exclusively until 2012. I didn't trust the newfangled electronic stuff 'till then. I still plot position on a paper chart. If the whole electrical system crashes, it's nice to know your starting point. Besides, it's kind of fun. Loren, I could get within 60 miles of my...
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    Gybe question

    I had the same kind of thing happen on my old San Juan when I passed behind a fully loaded Container Ship on San Francisco Bay while it was blowing 25kn. That's a normal summer day on the central bay. The wind suddenly stopped and reversed hard. There we were laid over with the jib reversed...
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    Bilge pump switched power gone

    Be sure to check and clean your grounds. More problems with disappearing electricity happen with the grounds than anywhere else. Clean the ground at the engine block. Also check any wiring laying in the bilge. These are sure candidates for failures. Don't allow wires to get under water...
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    Looking at Ericson 35-2...

    Should you decide to offer, I would have a reserve of at least $15,000 for obvious and surprise repairs. Any old boat needs repairs and upgrades. The instrument package on Terra Nova was $6,000 several years ago. A lot of costs and improvements depend on how you plan to use the boat. The...
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    1979 E30 2 Sunk during Isaias, worth saving?

    Salvaging the boat will not make any economic sense. Salvaging Terra Nova didn't make any sense and it had $52,000 insurance coverage on it. All that little stuff that goes bad in salt water is extraordinarily expensive when bought individually. Also, I can't emphasize enough how many hours...
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    What sextant ?

    Hey guys! There is a reason that a landfall within 30 miles of your reckoning was considered awesome in the good old days. Now one can navigate into one's slip. The reason to learn Celestial is that electrical things can and do fail including the whole electrical system and it's really nice to...
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    How to bend Travelor track successfully

    Welcome back aboard. My ingots were glassed in just ahead of the fuel tank. It appears done originally.