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    E-32-3 Re-Power options?

    I went from an old Universal to a Beta 25 a couple of years ago. I worked under the direction of the local dealer, but did a lot of the work myself, which is a great way to do it, if you have the time, tools and some basic skills. Here are a few thoughts: 25HP sounds like a lot for the...
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    Rebuild or Repower?

    Electric propulsion just doesn't have the numbers. Here's a back-of-the-envelope analysis: The key figure of merit is energy. It determines how far you can go, other things being equal. Diesel fuel contains 45 Megajoules of energy per kilogram. A kilogram of lithium ion battery can store...
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    Forum weirdness

    The other day, I posted an innocuous comment in a thread about battery chargers. I suppose it could have been construed as critical of these useful devices. So, the very next day, I went over to my boat, just to check the bilge after a rainstorm and to sit on deck for a while. Guess what...
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    oil filter comparison

    There are a couple of dozen Youtube videos about Fram filters. I have not watched them all, but there does seem to be plenty of disagreement, and at least one theme: Fram makes several grades of filters, and the high-end-ones are superior to the low-end ones (duh). Thus, the top grade has two...
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    I never used to, but ever since Bob Morrison almost lost his E34, I do religiously.
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    Battery Charger Advice

    Here’s something that bugs me about battery chargers. The newest ones always claim that they are “intelligent”, and adapted to all different kinds of batteries and states of charge. However, in real life, most charging occurs while motoring, when all of the batteries are simply connected to 14...
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    32-2 scary rudder cables & hardware

    I use the EV100 all the time on my E34, but I can't say that I am happy with it. It's always chattering with tiny unnecessary corrections. I've played with the settings, and my steering hardware is tight, so I just live with it. But I wonder whether a rudder position sensor would be an...
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    Ericson Characteristics vs. Beneteau and similar Newer Designs

    Even though I fiercely love my E34, I can't say that I find the interior esthetically pleasing. Look, it's a fiberglass boat. Why does try to make me feel that I am living inside a tree? I'm not a squirrel or anything... I'm an amateur woodworker, and I am convinced that wood has its place...
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    Headsail Furling Cleat Options

    Like others, I have a block attached to a stanchion, which allows me to pull "sideways" on the furling line. The block hangs on a piece of elastic, so that it doesn't damage the gelcoat. I also use a small Spinlock jammer. When I put the boat away, however, I run the line around the fixed...
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    Here is a what looks like (from photos only) a beautiful E-38 for sale in Texas:

    I'm not surprised. Some experienced bluewater sailors don't allow any portlights or hatches to be opened, ever. This was the case on my ocean crossings. Even in the Trades. Also, there was always a tall insert in the companionway that needed to be stepped over. Skipper had sailed his C&C34...
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    WEBCAMS of Member Home Ports

    Here's the webcam at the Port of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, WA. You can see the ferry landing and yacht harbor. Port of Friday Harbor My E34 is actually a half-mile to the South, at Shipyard Cove Marina. My place is smaller and a lot less fancy. No webcam, but I like it just fine...
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    The story of a fuel leak

    A couple of weeks ago, I finally installed lazyjacks on my E34. I was very pleased with myself, and told my wife how happy I was with the boat: all systems were in excellent shape. It was a dumb thing to say. The following day I entered the cabin and smelled diesel fuel. I examined hoses...
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    Navigation Lights rewire

    On my boat, the fittings and wiring were so beat up and unaccessible that I gave up on them. Furthermore, I almost never sail/motor at night. The waters here are full of logs, debris, crab pots, etc. So I bought a couple of Navisafe Navi Lights from Defender. These are battery-powered LEDs...
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    Dinghy Madness

    I've done a modest amount of blue water sailing. Sometimes there were storms. When things started to kick up, we hauled the dinghy on board, deflated it, folded it, and stored it in the lazarette. Having a large dinghy exposed to a strong wind up on the transom could be a bad idea, Here's my...
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    Advice for first haul out?

    Does your shaft seal need any attention? You may want to clean and wax any color stripes that you have. Or even the whole hull (which I have contemplated but never done).