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    Noob question for new mounting board

    I usually buy the small size that looks like a double-barreled syringe. No gun needed. About $20. But I also have plenty of West System stuff in the shop - can't help but thinking that it ought to be pretty much the same thing?
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    Noob question for new mounting board

    Another option: WeldMount studs epoxied to the hull with WeldMount or thickened epoxy of your choice. Or you can make stuff like this on your own. Personally, I prefer plastic panels for mounting things on the boat. I use ABS (same plastic used in car interiors and plumbing drains) but...
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    2022 Ericson PNW Rendezvous, Genoa Bay July 22-24

    I will try to get there, but my summer is pretty uncertain right now. Actually I’m in the process of “moving aboard” and will promptly head north, if there is enough of the season left. Not really sure how long it will take to get disentangled from shore. And the boat could really use another...
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    Adding a Staysail on a Removable Inner Forestay on an E 32-3

    And if it doesn’t, you make a nifty hammock out of the thing. Or trade it for a bunch of bananas and use the extra space for more beer. I am hoping that the thing will help keep the boat on its feet and still make some progress in 30 knots, but we shall see. Also supposed to be helpful on a...
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    Adding a Staysail on a Removable Inner Forestay on an E 32-3

    Weird. It could well have been something like that. Coincidentally, one of the mis-fit used headsails that came to me with the boat would fit almost like that, but the clew is higher. I was going to cut it up for sewing projects. Or maybe see if there was a logical way to cut it down to fit.
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    Adding a Staysail on a Removable Inner Forestay on an E 32-3

    Well there is the situation of running under storm jib alone, where the main or trysail wouldn't be there for help. I've since noticed that there are a couple of drawings in the E29 manual enigmatically titled "E29 double head rig." As usual, they only tell half (or less) of the story. One...
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    Bow Cap Removal E30+

    Well, they are on top of the hull-deck joint so logically, they could not be one of those things that was assembled before the deck went on.
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    Bow Cap Removal E30+

    IIRC, mine had one of each. Through-bolts to hold the cap on and a sheet metal screw through the insert. But this could easily have changed over the years and models. This is one of those things that I've had to "create access" to address, so replacing with all through-bolts now. One of my...
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    Outhaul rigging help

    I have that style of boom with a semi-internal outhaul fitted. That boom clearly lacks it. It has a little car that rides on a short track bolted to the top of the boom. There are diagrams in the E29 on-line manual - maybe others. But as far as I can determine, with the bolt-rope footed...
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    Replacing head porthole(?). Need recommendations...

    There are plenty of threads here on how to refurbish those ports. Those sketchy sliding ports are exactly the same as the fixed ports except the glass is in two pieces, with one piece hacked into the inner track with a few bits of rubber and a cross member glued in. And a drain slot cut into...
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    Replaced your SS Standing Rigging? What did you do?

    I, too, found some weirdness. But I had WM replace like with like. As far as sizes, anyway. The old closed turnbuckles are no longer made. One problem was that I had no way of knowing whether the existing rigging was “original” on this old used boat. Another was that the chain plates, which...
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    Replace teak handrails with alternative

    I have not yet replaced those drop-board rails (from the OP), but they are looking a little old and tired. One recommendation I've seen is to replace them with stainless U-channel, so that one can then drop (custom) steel bars in, for ventilation and security. Certainly more robust, but might...
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    Sludge in the bilge

    My bilge was quite nasty. Part of it was that the pan under the engine had no access except a 1/4" limber hole, so there was decades of accumulation of grime under there that constantly mixed into the main bilge. I opened it up, cleaned it out (yuck!) and put an absorbent "diaper" under the...
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    Looking for Portland area Ericson owners

    Coincidentally, I recently rediscovered "Swift Flows The River," by Nard Jones. One of those "new realism" novels from the 1930's where everyone except the protagonists is a real historical person and most of the events are real but fictionalized. About a boy who grows up in The Dalles (and...
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    Looking for Portland area Ericson owners

    Well I think they have hydraulic thrusters. When they're maneuvering in the marina, wakes shoot out in odd directions. The big ones used them to stay pinned against the bank during visits, until the port installed some bollards for them. It made paddleboarding around them "interesting." And...