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  • Thank you for the info. I'll let you know what we did by spring.
    Mike Jacker
    I have a 1988 E38-200 with mahogany in the cabin instead of teak. I'm thinking of removing and rebedding 2 portlights as well as replacing the mahogany plywood paneling in which the veneer is bad and there is likely some rotted or bad plywood. My question is: How was the plywood attached by Ericson, and what is your advice for removing it?
    Thanks, Mike Jacker
    Hey Tim, I was going thru your website and wondered how much flooring you had to use to replace the sole. Also wondered where you got the veneers for refiishing. I have a 1980 E-38.
    Hi Tim, Randy Rice here. The last email address I have for you bounced so I'll have confidence you'll see this.

    What do you think about this one? I know your opinion might be a bit slanted but you're the expert too. The location is less than optimal but a fresh water boat evens that out in my mind.

    I have the broker's first response but it won't all fit in this PM. He says it needs instruments and blocks/clutches.
    Question about your boats dodger? Your avatar shows a window across the top. We are making our own and that seems like that would be good idea. Have you found that you have a better view of the main sail?
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