1. E35-3 Traveler Upgrades (Cleats)

    E35-3 E35-3 Traveler Upgrades (Cleats)

    After tackling the Block Improvements (see Blog entry: "E35-3 Traveler Upgrades (Control-Ends & Blocks)", which will add 4:1 purchase, ball-bearing sheaves for friction reduction and added block durability (resistance to "parallelogramming"), and better lead-in for an un-cleated line to aid...
  2. L

    Datamarine Control Panel-Free

    I recently sold all of my Datamarine instruments. I still have the control panel and will let it go for the cost of the shipping. 1 A-181 Log/Contol Panel Controls night lighting for up to six Corinthian Series displays, Please Note: trip log not working.
  3. T

    Need ST4000 Autopilot Control Unit

    Need ST4000 or ST4000 MkII Raymarine Autopilot Control Unit. Thanks in advance. Tom James 770-361-5578
  4. J

    Wanted RayMarine ST4000 autopilot control head

    My E-28 was hit by lightning earlier this summer. All electronics were fried. Have replaced the VHF, SIGNET depth and Boat speed and WIndspeed and wind direction units plus all mast wiring and mast lights. Last item is the autopilot. Bad news is that the Raymarine ST4000 is out of service and...
  5. S

    Rear Control

    Being new to sailing, we recently purchased a 1974, 29 foot Ericson. It has an Atomic 4, gasoline motor that has less than 20 hours on the rebuild. There is not much control or power to rear. What can I do? Do I need a new prop? bhevrin
  6. B

    Throttle Control E32-200

    I know I'm not the only one using a bungee to hold the throttle open on my E32-200 (with Edson steering pedestal, Universal M25XP engine). Does anyone have a cure for keeping the throttle in the full position? There is a screw inside the pedestal that I originally thought was a tension...
  7. J

    source for pedestal control knobs needed

    I just purchased a 1987 ERicson 28. The P. O. pasted away 4 years ago and his wife cannot locate some the equipment that was removed from the boat. One of the missing items are the plastic knobs that screw on to the throttle and tranmission shift arms. (Why he took them off is a...
  8. T

    Cockpit Control Panel

    Have just purchased first sailboat,1974 Erickson 29. The control panel is missing for the cockpit. Could anyone aim me in a direction to replace it or where to get something that would work? It has the A-4 inboard so I would need the key, Blower etc. Any and all advice is appreciated.
  9. C Masone

    Cabin top control lines

    My E32-3 has an array of control lines on the cabin top, including halyards mainsheet reefing lines vang control ect and they come in at wierd angles with an array of winches none of which can be cranked full circle because of their positions as compared to the dodger. I would love to see...
  10. Sven

    Remote seacock control ?

    After worrying about old hoses giving way I finally think I located all the throughhulls and went to the effort of closing all of them when we left - what a pain ! :-) I think there are only 6 but the two in the engine room are the ones that really make me wish there was a way to control...
  11. E

    What is the "pull out toggle" on the engine control panel.

    Hi all, I am a new owner of a 1980 Ericson 35-2. Purchased the boat in Ventura and had it trucked up to San Francisco. Because of the distance, I did not have a chance to become as familiar with the boat before the purchase - so now the fun begins! BTW - don't recommend that approach, but...
  12. chtaylor

    Aft Control Lines

    I'm planning my next project - leading the halyards, boom vang and reefing lines aft to the cockpit on my 1977 E-32. Is there any reason why I cannot, or should not, remove the winches from the mast and place them on the cabin top to be used for the aft-led lines? If I do remove them, will...
  13. R

    E38 control lines to cockpit....

    On the stbd. side of the cabin top the main halyard is led in between the traveler pylon and the sea hood. There is very little room here for more lines. Currently the main halyard is led around a winch (non-st) that is forward, almost too close to the dodger, and then cleated off to a...
  14. CWM

    E27 new 12v control panel

    Some pics of the new control panel on my 1973 E27. The panel is a Blue Seas System product 6 AWG wire was used between the battery and the control panel. 14 AWG wire was used for all other wiring. Note that I have an outboard with a magneto (no alternator). Hopefully, this post will give...
  15. Mikebat

    Engine control panel problem

    When I switch over to battery, the control panel for the M-25XP diesel comes on. Don't have to stick the key in. It makes the fuel pump run, which is quite annoying when I don't want to run the engine (ticktickticktickticktick), and probably not very good for the fuel pump. I do have to engage...
  16. R

    Shift/throttle control

    Check out the photo below. Does anyone know the manufacturer of the engine control shown? I like these because the levers can be removed to minimize line tangles, throttle kicks, trips, etc. Can these still be obtained? Raleigh
  17. T

    E-27 / Atomic 4 Engine Control Panel

    On my new (to me) 1976 E-27 no longer has readable labels (faded teak / no remaining paint). There is a ammeter, temp gauge, ignition keyhole, starter button, and choke - got those figured out, but there is also a toggle switch. Any ideas as to what that is, before I go tracing / reading out...
  18. L

    Novatron control panel E-30+

    I would like to find a replacement control panel for my '84 E-30+. I believe the number is 300680 Standard panel by Novatron. I think that they are discontinued. It has a temp guage, amp guage, oil light, blower switch, key switch, momentary glow plug button and momentary start button...
  19. S

    Yacht Specialties Control Cables

    A search of the site found numerous entries on Yacht Specialties pedestals but nothing specific on replacement of the control (throttle and transmission shifting) cables. The transmission control cable has a bend in it between the shift lever and attachment bracket at the top end of the Yacht...
  20. F

    Speed Control Plate for 5432 Universal Atomic Diesel

    Hello, I have 1986 38' 200 with the 5432 Diesel above. I've broken the throttle bolt going through the speed plate, which is at the top of the govenor (I believe that's what it's called). I've ordered and received the new bolt and related parts for the repair. My question is has anyone...
  21. C

    Tillermaster Remote Control

    Wanted...The remote control cord for a tillermaster autohelm that just keeps going. Never had it but figure it would be an added bonus. I've checked Minney's no luck. I thought I would give it a try here. :egrin:
  22. O

    problems with rudder control

    :boohoo: We are having intermitten problems with steering our E27. When we tack, we sometimes keep going in a circle like we over steered (but we know we haven't). Sometimes the boat is slow to respond, too. It's almost like the rudder isn't snug to the rudder post (my theory). Hubby has no...
  23. u079721

    Improved Control Cable Run

    After a very long Saturday afternoon aboard, I finally was able to install new engine control cables aboard my E-38. On of the original cables had snapped right where the factory had run it through a 3" diameter bend, in spite of the Morse spec that the bend be no tighter than 8". For the...
  24. u079721

    Engine Control Cable Alert!

    A few weeks ago I mentioned that the control cable for the engine transmission on my 1989 E-38 snapped. I noticed that the cable went through a rather tight radius bend where it exited the binnacle, and suspected that might be the problem, but wasn't sure. Well, now I know. Yesterday I...