1. J

    In Search Of 1979 E27 Cradle

    I recently moved to a marina closer to my home and they are pushing on my getting for a cradle for winter storage. Either that or unstep the mast and put it on stands, which they really seem to dislike. Does anyone have a cradle they would like to part with or specs to build the cradle. I am...
  2. K

    cradle dimensions for a E-29

    Anyone have dimensions to build a wood cradle for a E-29?
  3. Lucky Dog

    e35II cradle supports position

    I was breaking ice scrapers this weekend on the frozen snow that cover our boat before I was able to assemble the winter cover. As I was getting warm again sitting in my truck, I noticed the hull deflected from the support on the forward port side. Is there a specific location for the a pads...
  4. A

    E28 Cradle Help

    I have purchased a used cradle for my 1990 E28. Like most used things, it is not the exact fit for the intended use. My boat is 5'9" draft and I need to make longer upright legs, or extensions for the cradle. Does anyone have a cradle for their deep draft E28, and if so, is it somewhere...
  5. B

    E 27 cradle

    We have an E 27 and would like to trailer it. Does anyone know what the hull below the water looks like so we can build a cradle for it? It is presently in the water and we do not have a clue of the dimensions other than a 4 foot draft and pictures in profile of it. Buckles.
  6. S

    FOR SALE-Jowi Steel Folding Cradle

    JOWI MODEL 2 BOAT CRADLE- (Lake Michigan) The cradle is in Racine, WI. My boat came with the cradle but now I have moved my boat to Lake Ontario and I'm looking at selling this very nice cradle for a deal. Right now its adjusted for a 38-200 Ericson. Its 2 years old and holds a...
  7. H

    Cradle specs for E23 Fixed Keel

    Hi First post as I just bought an Ericson 23 2 days ago! Nice little boat from 1970. The problemI have is that the boat does not come with a trailer or a cradle. I do have access to a crane at my local Marina, and they can move cradles around the yard, but I need to build the cradle first...
  8. J

    Cradle for Ericson 32-200 for sale

    Cradle, Custom built for 6'-3" draft 32-200 . Extra heavy duty for storage or transport on semi flat bed. Pictures available. located in Kansas. $2500.00
  9. Joe

    E25 Cradle

    I'm about to start on the manufacture of a cradle for the E25 so that I can work on the centerboard now and in the future. I intend laminating three 3/4" exterior plywood sheets together to make Keel Profiles at two places: 6" or so in front and back of the centerboard cavity. These two...
  10. B

    Cradle or Jack stands

    I'm looking for a cradle or, less preferable, jackstands for my 1988 Ericson 32-200. It's a fin keel 6' 1/2", with 10' 10" beam, 9,800# displacement for those of you not familiar with the specs. If you have any leads on a cradle or 6 flat pad stands and 1 "V" stand please let me know. Ted had an...
  11. B

    Cradle - 26' Ericson

    Am seeking any information or advice on obtaining a new or used cradle for my E26. At present my boat is on stanchions in my side yard. Iam having a very difficult time finding a boat hauler with a hydraulic trailer to accomodate my boat. If the boat was on a cradle there are many boat haulers...
  12. Bob Grenier

    Cradle or trailer measurements needed fo E-27

    I need help with measurements from a cradle or trailer to fit the E-27 I’m setting up a trailer for my E-27… there is no lift or crane available…so the trailer has to be close when I bring the boat over it to cut down the time I have to spend under water adjusting the jack placement. If...
  13. tenders

    Jowi 2.0 Boat Cradle For Sale (Northeast)

    Unused Jowi steel cradle, model 2.0 * 20,000 pound capacity; weighs 900 lbs * 6 pads * 160" long by 94" wide * suitable for boats up to 40' * adjustable (pads move up and down) and foldable (arms that pads are mounted to fold down so cradles can be stacked) * black painted finish *...
  14. K

    Help Designing a Cradle for a 36C

    I had a winter storage cradle made for my Ericson 36C. After hauling the boat, we found that it would not fit on the cradle. I have some blueprints that show the boat from the top (i.e. looking down from the mast), and the side. However, I do not have a drawing showing a bow or stern view...
  15. S

    E 35-3 cradle (blue print)

    I am looking for a blue print with all details to build a cradle for an E 35-3 1984 with a 4'11'' draft keel. Any informations would be appreciated. Thank you.
  16. V

    Indentations from cradle jack stands

    During an emergency haul-out last year, my E34 was put on a temporary cradle (which happened to have the jack stand supports in the wrong places). The result is indentations (about a square foot) where the pads pressed against the cored hull. Even though the boat has been transferred back to...
  17. C

    Cradle for Ericson 32

    Looking around for a used radar and saw an item that may be of interest. "Cradle, Erickson 32, Wood - $450"