1. Sean Engle

    'Contact Us' Email Errors

    I think I've gotten down to the bottom of this issue as well. The problem stems from a combination of Google spam filtering Old attempts at mail spam filtering via our host My old email address changes Server settings on auto responses Site email settings I've adjusted everything and...
  2. Sven

    Pam Ericson's e-mail address ?

    When our computers got stolen in 2004 I lost a lot of e-mail addresses, Pam King's was one of them. Now that we are buying a "new" beautiful Ericson I'd like to contact her and buy another set of blueprints. Does anyone happen to have her e-mail address ? I can't remember how I...
  3. Cory B

    "Exciting Changes at Quantum Sails" Email - Privacy Concerns

    Just curious, but did anyone else recieve an "Exciting Changes at Quantum Sails" email this morning? Since I "own" my own domain name, I use a unique email address ("eyo@..." for this site) for almost everything I do. It allows me to keep track of who "shares" my email address, or who "steals"...
  4. Sean Engle

    Earthlink ISP & Email Filtering

    On Email Filtering (at Earthlink and elsewhere...): Users with Earthlink and other ISPs which provide email filtering based on your address book need to add this websites mail services addresses to them (what a mouthful!). Basically, what this means is that if you filter your email...
  5. Sean Engle

    User Email Addresses & Bounced Mail Policy

    Updating Email Addresses & Bounced Mail Policy *** IMPORTANT *** It is important that all users update their email addresses when they change ISPs (Internet Service Provider), or otherwise change the email address associated with their EY.o account. If you just want to stop all email from...