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  1. E30+ Stern Access (Pt 2)

    E30-3 E30+ Stern Access (Pt 2)

    In response to comments on the previous blog entry. Yes! Access to the quadrant is easy. You do have to lie on your back, but you can scooch right up under it. I constructed a shelf to fit over the fuel tank which is mostly the same level as the quarter berth. Eventually I may put a water...
  2. E30+ Stern Access (Pt 1)

    E30-3 E30+ Stern Access (Pt 1)

    I have been meaning to post this for awhile but only recently took some pics. The aft end of the 30+ is only accessible through the lazarette. It's not a comfortable space. Add a spare battery various hoses, and a hot water heater and its nearly impossible to get in there. And if one does manage...