1981 E-36 Ron Holland

    Considering a E-36 RH. Its a 28+ years old. So, what are the potential pitfalls unique to an E-36 a survey needs to concentrate on. Is there balsa core below the water line, Lifeline stantion/balsa core deck issues, hull/keel joint, rudder post, standing rigging/mast?
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    84 33 Holland

    A one owner .well kept 33 Holland is coming up for sale in my area. Since these are rare ,anyone have a WAG current market value? Almost unheard of on Gulf Coast and have been impressed with Seth and owners comments on this model. Owner starting at 40k ask TIA
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    Need Info about E-36 Ron Holland

    Hello All, I have one of these beasties and I would like any info at all about them. Sail characteristics, sea worthiness... I'm restoring this one (started out as a few minor repairs... 2 yrs ago) I've striped it down, removed headliner, what was left of a substitute floor, various...