1. IslandTime29

    Bottom Job in Middle Tennessee?

    Does anyone know of a good company in Middle Tennessee to haul out an E29, and paint the bottom and hull? I'm on Percy Priest Lake.
  2. B

    bottom job

    Was to have the bottom soda blasted in late October, but the yard still has not done it yet. Should I be worried about time to dry it out before they get at the blisters?
  3. U

    E38 interior rehab, big job!!!

    Pics will be forthcoming, also a link to my personal site. My name is Frank (you may have guessed) & I'm a woodworker w/ a fair amount of professional experience in a variety of disciplines. This project represents my first major foray into boat carpenter-ing, a new & exciting challenge...
  4. Sven

    Installing a MaxProp, a DIY job ?

    Is there anything about a MaxProp which would prevent a DIY installation ? Am I likely to need any special "propeller-puller" tools to remove the old fixed one ? I can't imagine that there is any rocket science involved but I'd rather ask than learn by repeating others' mistakes :-) -Sven
  5. raslocum

    another bottom job question

    I'm sure I've gone about this the slow and tedious way, but I have used an electric DA sander w/ 60 grit paper attached to a vac system to grind away my old anti fouling paint. The process was actually not as slow as I expected, I'm about 3/4 of the way through the removal. With the vac...
  6. J

    Bottom Job turning into nigtmare

    Ok here we go... I bought this 74 27 ericson knowing it had blisters and that i would have to deal with them. Here is my current situation: I have sanded off the bottom paint and have now encountered what i beleive to be interlux barrier coat (light grey coating )with a light green...
  7. C

    Cabin locker door cane job

    Attached is the summary picture of our little improvement project for the four cabin locker doors. With a few hours of work and about $30 in material the doors now look very nice and no longer seal in the stale air. I posted a write-up to the sailnet list earlier. Chris E34 Dangriga :egrin: