1. N

    Vesper 8000, NMEA183, combining old and new instruments on network -- what is possible?

    I am about to get my boat hauled, sooner than expected. As a result, I am behind in figuring an issue out: --> I have B&G 'Network Data' related set of instruments -- NMEA 0183 -- including windspeed and direction (masthead), depth, and knotmeter. These connect to a single choosable (any one...
  2. NMEA 2000 Network Installation Pt. 1

    E32-200 NMEA 2000 Network Installation Pt. 1

    Summary: It cost about 5.5 grand and 40-50 hours of work. Much longer time waiting for parts than installing. Wiring DC connections is easy. Wiring coaxial connectors and tiny wires is more frustrating. Introduction This project started with a desire to add an autopilot, an AIS, and while...
  3. B

    Re-wiring - NMEA 2000?

    Anyone out there have any experience with the new NMEA 2000 wiring systems? Now that I've redone the deck on Pie-Rats, I want to eliminate the rat's nest (pun intended) of wiring behind the old DC panel, and eventually upgrade the electronics (Signet vintage 1985). I'm also putting in new...
  4. Jeff Asbury

    NMEA Connections Question.

    NMEA Connections Question, I have a Magellan hand help GPS currently connect to my Simrad Tiller Pilot. I have finally purchased a new VHF with the NMEA capability. I believe there are only two wires (IN/OUT) on the GPS. My question is can I just splice together so that the GPS will...