1. kiwisailor

    Factory Document Plumbing and Thru Hull Plan 2022-09-13

    Systems Plan for E38
  2. D

    E34-2 water tank selection valves

    Hello. A few weeks ago I bought a 1989 E34-2 so the boat is new to me. I am trying to find the fresh water valves that select which of the three water tanks (port, starboard, bow) feeds into the pressure pump, but I cannot find them anywhere. The manual says that there should be 3 valves under...
  3. Head Sink

    Head Sink

    Sink in the head.
  4. mmackof

    PEX plumbing for potable water

    I'm smitten by the pex tubing and sharkbite fittings I've seen. I'm putting the monel tank back in service and getting rid of three water bags a PO put into both settees. Anyone have any experience, stories or opinion on the PEX system? Thanks, Mort
  5. wolly bugger

    yet another head plumbing tread

    I have read many threads on this site about head plumbing and understand fairly well how this works. My problem/question is that I cannot find the place to fit it all in my E25. The h.t. will be under the v-berth but everything else needs to be in the head for access and room to the vent loop. I...
  6. M

    Looking for a plumbing fitting, any ideas

    I need two bronze 3/4 NPT to 5/8 hose nipple fittings. I have a 5/8 engine water intake hose and I want to add a sea strainer. The sea strainer has 3/4 inch NPT fittings. I haven't been able to find these conversion fittings anywhere. Any ideas ? Thanks
  7. G

    Head Plumbing

    Hi All, Just wondering how many people have their wye valve pre-holding tank so as to be able to flush straight overboard if necessary. And how many flush everything into the tank first and use the wye valve for overboard or deck pumpout. The previous owner had an overboard flush on one...
  8. Lucky Dog

    Plumbing - composting head

    Any thoughts - I was at Strictly Sail in Chicago last weekend. I was good over all. Natures Head is a composting head that does not require a heat source. The is a optional solar powered vent. It is a little taller than most marine heads. Practical Sailor wrote a review about composting...
  9. Z

    35 MK II wiring and plumbing schematic / layout

    I am happy to be the new owner of an old 35 MK II. But I am in desperate need for a wiring and plumbing schematic / layout. I appreciate any help.
  10. A

    E27 Head plumbing.

    Hello, I'm a new owner of a '76 E27 that although very sound needs a lot of esthetic attention. Hopefully I attached the picture correctly. My first of many questions is about the head. It does not have a deck connection for pump out. There are 2 through hulls I beleive that the larger one is...
  11. SASSY


    I have a 1987 E34 Tri cabin. I need to replace the intake hose from the galley thru hull to the raw water pump. Do I need to Re & Re the floor at the base of the companion way, or can it be replaced without pulling up the floor.? Thanks
  12. ChrisS

    Plumbing question: head to holding tank

    I'm getting ready to dismantle the current head and holding tank setup this week to clean and paint the bilges, and then rebuild the system. It must be at least 25 years old, and is due for replacement. There is a Y valve with direct discharge or to the tank; the tank is located under the...
  13. M

    scupper/sink plumbing on '75 E-27

    I recently had someone help me replace the T behind the sink. I'm referring to the T that collects the two port side skuppers (divided cockpit). It appears the work was done using various PVC fixtures, with a combination of compression fittings, and pvc glued fittings. From the P trap under the...
  14. A

    head plumbing E38

    I am replacing the head and hoses on a 1981 E38. I cannot figure out where the vented loops originally were. The exhisting setup (not original) had none. I would like to have Y valve to overboard or to holding tank. It seems that to get the loop above waterline (especially at any heel, I will...
  15. B

    Plumbing an E/30+ for propane

    I'm in the process of replacing the nonfunctional alcohol range on my 30+ with a new propane range. My boat has the integral propane locker in the starboard aft lazarette, but as far as I can tell no plumbing was ever run to the galley. On removing the plywood panels behind the stove area, I...
  16. A

    plumbing questions 35 II

    hi all 1.just rehosed the sanitation system. it had a recirculation system and now its gone. the toilet is a par and it looks like a jabsco. are they one and the same ? because i have to rebuild the pump and i don't see par anywhere. 2. both water faucets are beyond repair. i would like to...
  17. H

    Plumbing Print

    I have found the original plumbing prints for my 85 E38. I dont know if any one is interested or not, but if anyone is in need, let me know. Harold :cheers:
  18. T

    Head Plumbing Project E 38

    I removed the holding tank and cleaned with bleach. I Eliminated the vented loop, Y valve direct discharge route all together. The head now runs direct to the tank and can be either pumped out through the deck fitting or through the manual whale pump. I replaced all of the hoses with sealand...
  19. F

    E38-200 Plumbing & Electrical Schematics

    I'm the new owner of an E38-200. I do have the general Owner's Manual, but there are scant pictures or detailed diagrams of the plumbing or electrical systems in the manual (in fact, there few that are included are just pencil sketches). Does anyone have or know where I can get detailed...
  20. T

    E 38-200 Wiring and Plumbing

    I am upgrading the 12v system on my 89' E- 38-200 and want to run another battery cable from the engine to my house bank. This way I have one going directly from the alternator to the house bank. I want the second cable to go from my starting battery switch directly to the starter. I will be...
  21. J

    Plumbing question - Tee to Nowhere

    Plumbing question I'm going through my recent 1981 E30+ purchase and tidying some things up a bit. I understand the electric and manual bilge pumps, but there's something weird between the head compartment and the bilge area under the dining seat. There are two valves under the head's sink...
  22. Sven

    Creative plumbing :-/

    I spent part of the weekend crawling around in the E23 lazarettes. I was really surprised to find out that the cockpit drain went to a throughhull 4 or 5 feet from the stern. I'd assumed that it was a straight shot down from the drain, through the bottom. One more throughhull to worry about...
  23. F


    I have an Ericson 25 1973 Vintage. My sink and icebox drain are not hooked up to a drain. I'm guess they both hook to the drain valve but how? does anyone have any diagrams ?:esad: :esad: