1. Dripless Diagnostics

    E32-3 Dripless Diagnostics

    I had Makana out of the water in May, mostly for a routine bottom-job.... but as my dripless shaft-gland was at least 6 years old, and their recommendation is to have the bellows replaced every 6 years.... I had that done too. In fact, my guess is it was more than 6 years old because mine did...
  2. P

    WTB: E29 Propeller shaft

    My prop shaft is in good shape but completely seized to the hub. I am going to cut it and replace it. Anyone got anything?
  3. G

    e38 - 1981 - prop shaft stuffing box hose replacement

    Looking for some advice on replacement of the prop shaft stuffing box hose. The original stuffing box and shaft log seem to be 1 5/8". The original stuffing box hose was 4 ply. The 1 5/8" does not seem to be a common size for stuffing box replacements so a new 4 ply hose does not seem to be...
  4. R

    need E35-II prop shaft length

    Hi all, My E35-II has the companionway mounted A4 engine (3/4" shaft). I took the shaft/coupling to a local prop shop for a once over and have been told it needs replacing. Being a boat the shaft replacement price came in higher than I expected but the kicker is that they are wanting to...
  5. M

    Shaft & Motor Mounts / The Snowball Effect

    I get lots of comments on my site to the effect that I make these jobs look too easy. They are easy.;) It does not mean they don't get frustrating, tedious and maddening though. Yes, we all face the same obstacles when working on sail boats and there is no way to get around that. Thinks of...
  6. V

    shaft lengths and prop types

    I own an E-41, Island Bird, and recently pulled the shaft and had it inspected. Turns out I need to replace it. The two shops that inspected it both agree its beyond straightening. I decided to have a new one machined and sent the specs to Marine Hardware out of Redmond WA. It seems that the...
  7. A

    Raw Water Pump Shaft Leak

    I have an '86 E-28 with the M12 Universal. I replaced the impeller on the Oberdorfer raw water pump at the beginning of the summer, and had no problems. However, today I noticed a water leak coming from the seal where the pump mounts to the engine. I tried to tighten the 4 cap screws, but...
  8. steven

    electric motor shaft coupling

    For the engineering types among us: I'm thinking of experimenting with an electric drive, but don't want to pull my current engine (A4 in working order). Thinking of a belt drive coupling to the shaft aft of the A4. Anyone know where to get a collar thingy that will put a belt pulley on the...
  9. bayhoss

    Shaft Strut

    After having my E28 pulled to survey the damage from entangling a %$@! crab pot I noticed a very small (maybe 1/64") of play. The mechanic at the yard said that it wasnt enough play to be a concern and that there really wasnt any way to tighten the strut. Any thoughts? Best, and thanks in...
  10. D

    Shaft tube replacement

    Does any one know which length shaft tube to replace on E-35 II? 9" or 4-5/8". I am only assuming I have a 3/4" shaft on my 1979 boat.
  11. R

    Dripless shaft seals [Master Thread]

    Hello All, I'm in the process of R-n-R'ing the 5432 in my E38 with a used engine. In the process of removing the engine several other things are receiving attention. I am considering installing a dripless shaft seal while the engine is out. Boats with dripless setups seem to have less...
  12. G

    Propeller Shaft

    What's stopping water from saturating the fiberglass around the propeller shaft, Gel coat or is there a bronze tube or something in there? Thanx, Green Flash 1976 E35-2
  13. N

    E32-3 Shaft Tube (Log) Size

    Hello. I am planning on replacing the original Stuffing Box with a new PSS Shaft Seal. But, I won't know what diameter the Shaft Tube (Log) is in order to purchase the Shaft Seal until I haul the boat and disassemble the stuffing box. Does anyone happen to know what diameter the Shaft Tube is...
  14. P

    WANTED Used 7.5hp to 9.9hp long shaft outboard

    I am looking for a used but decent condition long shaft 7.5 to 9.9hp outboard to re-power an E 25+. A 4 cycle would be ideal but a 2 cycle in good working condition is also a possibility. Phil
  15. C

    long shaft out board

    If I install an outboard on my E27 ,is there one that would fit the picture and not come out of the water as others said might happen on chop. chuckA
  16. M

    E 27 busted shaft & bent strut!!!

    hello ericson folk! i am new to the site and purchased a Ericson 27 last summer. "Tangerine" is a beauty and my daughter and i have been enjoying her on the chesapeake bay. here is my conundrum... i was motor sailing back to havre de grace one late afternoon when the engine (universal diesel)...
  17. EGregerson

    prop shaft off set

    Hi all; there was a thread a few weeks ago re: prop shaft off set and which models have an offset and which don't; I hauled out (not just to see!) and snapped this photo. Mine ('87 E34 #243) is straight as a die. I hope this does much for the knowledge base, as i don't ordinarily like to...
  18. bfaatz

    Flexible Shaft Coupling?

    Our E38 got a new Universal M-40B diesel last year after biological growth clogged the anti-siphon hose and allowed salt water to fill the engine. (BTW, be sure your insurance covers biological growth-related catastrophies. Ours didn't! :mad:) After installing the new diesel, replacing the...
  19. P

    removing prop shaft on E32-2..??

    Does anyone know what's involved in removing shaft in order to replace the cutlass bearing on a E32-2?......... wondering how the shaft is pulled out....could really use some good advice...thanks.
  20. 3

    late 80's E-34- prop shaft position

    We own a 1988 34. We have substantial wheel pull to port, mostly while motoring, but slight while glide/sailing. Boat is out of the water now, and I have noticed that the aft end of the prop shaft is about 3/4" to starboard of center/line of keel and small rudder skeg. The bronze skeg that...
  21. Special K

    shaft seal and shaft coupling

    I am thinking about replacing the stuffing box on my E28 with a dripless seal. I was looking for advice from people who have been there before. I am also wondering if a flexible shaft coupling would be a worthwhile investment while everything is being pulled apart. Comments are definately...
  22. T

    Shaft Packing Gland Nut Size

    Our boat is a 1989 E-34 with a one inch prop shaft. What is the size of 'thin' special wrench I need to get to work on the packing gland to loosen the retaining nut and adjust the gland to reduce drip?? I have several big pipe wrenches, but don't want to use them on the nut. I'm 250 miles...
  23. mherrcat

    How bad is it? (Part 1: Shaft Coupling)

    ...and don't start with the Johnny Carson routine, "It's so bad..." :) I have some issues to deal with: Shaft coupling, boom corrosion and stuffing box. I'm going to post these in three different threads so there aren't too many pictures in one thread. The boat is coming out for bottom...
  24. J

    Yanmar engine shaft coupling

    Yanmar shaft-coupling with some use, but solid with shaft-bolts fits 7/8" shaft, is available cheap.
  25. P

    Lewmar Winch Handle with 5/8th shaft

    I just lost one of my Lewmar 40's Winch Handle, & I am having a problem finding a replacement in that all the newer ones are 1". If any one has one, or knows of a source, let me know. Thanks, Paul
  26. V

    Prop Shaft & Packing size for 30+

    The gland nut on my 1984 30+ is beginning to drip very fast when the shaft is not turning so I plan to try and re-pack it this weekend. The location is very difficult to get at as is normal I suppose. I hope to buy the packing flax before going to the boat this weekend. Does anyone know the...
  27. jreddington

    Catastrophic or sudden shaft packing failure

    I'm doing a little research on a failure that I came across. Not an Ericson but hopefully worthy of discussion by this educated forum (a little suck up never hurts :Kissy:). Has anyone on this board ever experienced a catastrophic failure of their "traditional" stuffing box (wax impregnated...
  28. R

    A very weird shaft noise....

    My E38 is back in the water and its making a very strange noise when in gear. Sounds like a mid-pitch moaning, fairly loud, that occurs between 1200-1600rpm. Above that it seems just audible but I'm not sure I'm actually hearing it and no noise at idle. Only seems to do this in forward. I...
  29. Mark F

    offset propeller shaft

    Do I remember correctly that the propeller shaft on my 1976 E27 is offset to port?
  30. R

    Prop choice & Shaft thread size? (E35MkII, A4)

    Hi there, I am hoping someone can save me a 1 1/4h drive each way to my boat. I have just found out this morning that the person who was meant to have resurfaced my indigo prop and installed it prior to todays launch hasn't/can't/won't. I need to (a) get a new prop pronto and (b) a new castle...
  31. jmcpeak

    Can't get flange off shaft

    I'm trying to install my PSS and can't get the iron drive flange off the shaft. I have tried penetrating lube, heat and a BFH. I would use a gear puller but only have 2 1/4" of clearance. Any other ideas?
  32. R

    E-27 shaft coupling

    All, The distance between the output shaft of the A-4 and the 3/4 prop shaft is very very close in my 1974 E27. When inspecting to replace the packing I was surprised to see a piece of reinforced neo hose with clamps instead of a coupling. I've been running this way for 6 years. Anyone...
  33. B

    Shaft Zinc(s)

    My 1988 Ericson 32-200 has 2 zincs on the 1" prop shaft. Having moved the boat from salt water to fresh, I'm replacing the zincs with magnesium anodes. The question is, do I need 2 anodes or will one be enough?
  34. footrope

    Packless Shaft Seals

    This PSS is between 10 & 12 years old. Sometimes it sits in a little fresh water that comes in from the rain. I have noticed the deterioration of the rotor (arrow) since this summer. From the diagram on the PSS website, it looks like the rotor is going to need to be replaced if it keeps chipping...
  35. chuckd

    outboard motor shaft length e27

    Anyone know what length sharft for an outboard on an e27? The motor is mounted in the cutout in the transom. I am going to replace the 25 year old 2 stroke with a new 4 stroke, and I'm not sure if I shoulld get a 20" or a 25" shaft. Any info would be great. Thanks - Chuck
  36. B

    35-2 Shaft strut

    Hi, I will need to replace the shaft strut and was wondering if anyone knows where I can procure one. Apparently mine is broken completely according to the diver. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Brett
  37. S

    Prop Protector (shaft blade cutter)

    For sale: Prop Protector (shaft blade cutter) This is a used Prop Protector, used to cut lines wrapping around the shaft/propeller, is in excellent condition. Price is $145 plus shipping. The new price is $330. It mounts on a 1" shaft and is extremely simple and easy to maintain. With its...
  38. G

    long shaft o/b on e29

    My Atomic-4 is getting rebuilt. Can I put a long shaft o/b directly on the transom or I will have to put o/b mount?
  39. J

    E-27 shaft packing material size

    I hate to beat a dead horse on this topic but I have searched and cannot find any info on the correct packing material size. I need to repack the shaft this spring. The PO left some packing material but it is 2 different sizes. I have read the dangers of using the wrong size material - too much...
  40. N

    E27 shaft removal

    Can anyone advise me on the procedure to remove the propeller shaft on an E27 with an atomic4? The cutlass bearing has to be replaced and it seems the harder part of the job is removing the shaft. The bolt to the engine look rusty and there's not alot of room in there to maneuver. Any advice...
  41. J

    E30+ propeller shaft and stern tube diameter

    I am about to order a Manecraft Shaft Seal ( in an attempt to get a dry bilge on my Ericson 30+. To order the right dimension I need to know the diameter of the prop shaft and the OD of the stern tube. Unfortunately I don't know these measures and my...
  42. J

    Shaft strut mount

    Good evening everyone, I have a couple of questions about my 72 35II that've been bugging me for a while now and hopefully someone can help me out. Number one is how is the shaft strut mounted to the boat? Mine seems to be on some flexible rubber-like base (very stiff) that is not through...
  43. C

    Packless Shaft Seal's that time again for Winter HaulOut :rolleyes: Am looking at installing the PYI-PSS Shaft Seal System. Please share your experience and recommondation on this installation :nerd: Thank ALL of you Enuts for your fine additions to our Honored Website :D Happy HaulOuts...
  44. B

    Prop Shaft Strut Source/Replacement: Ericson 36C

    I am buying an Ericson 36C with a broken propeller shaft strut. Does anyone know where a strut is available or who can make one? Also, how is it attached? How much fiberglass needs to be dug out to get to the base?
  45. J

    Propeller shaft removal!

    :egrin: I have an E-35 III that will be hauled out from the Chesapeake bay by ThanksGiving. After purchase of s/v Fantasea 2-years ago, I have had excessive vibrations over 2300 rpm. I know the max prop is too far back from the cutless -- over 3 inches -- also, the cutless has had it. I...
  46. S

    Martec Folding 13DX12PX1" shaft prop

    MARTEC RH13DX12P, 1” Shaft folding propeller. I purchased this MARTEC for my Ericson 32 but elected to stay with my fixed pitch Michigan instead. The prop is used but in like new excellent condition. There is one extremely small ding in one blade but it will not affect performance and can be...
  47. J

    Prop shaft diameter for 74 E27

    Hi Does anyone know offhand what the diameter of the shaft is for an E27...i need to change the zinc while in the water and want to have the right one on hand when i can get a diver over..i believe the shaft to be original with the original Atomic 4 inboard....for some reason iam thinking...
  48. O

    Flexable Shaft Couplings / Engine mounts

    Hi, I'm thinking about installing a flexable shaft coupling into the driveline of my 5432 Universal with a Hurth transmission. Boat is a '89 38-200. Has anyone installed this type of system and if so, what product did you use, and how does it work? Our driveline is pretty smooth as it is...
  49. J

    Shaft Log

    I'd appreciate some feed back on the replacement of the length of rubber hose on the shaft log. Mine is 1988 original and I'm wondering if it should be replaced.
  50. R

    Shaft Inline?

    I have experienced a shaft shearing off (E27 + A4). I am thinking due to shaft missalignment. I have finally got the new shaft in (in the water!) but the engine seems way out of alignment, perhaps 1 to 1 1/2" at the forward end. I have had to pull the engine forward into the cabin and cut the...
  51. G

    E35 Propeller Shaft size

    Something I have been wondering since I got the boat, but have never asked before: What size prop shaft have most people got on their E35 for an A4? Mine is 3/4", but when I replaced the stuffing box, the only size available in the chandlary that fit the boat was intended for a larger shaft...
  52. gjersvik

    E-25 Johnson Extra Long Shaft Conversion

    SURPRISE Deux, an Ericson 25 would not make sternway no matter what I tried. While looking though the manual I found out that the boat should be powered with an extra long shaft outboard. The previous owner had this sternway problem too, only his solution was to go with more power, a 15 hp...
  53. N

    Propeller Shaft Assembly Corrosion

    I have owned my E28 for about two years and sail in the San Diego area. Just recently I noticed what appears to be galvanic corrosion forming on the shaft packing area just inside the hull. I do not see any evidence of zincs anywhere in the area, and nothing in the owner's manual mentions...
  54. T

    Dripless Shaft Seal/E30+

    Has anyone replaced the stuffing box on an E30+ with a "dripless shaft seal", PSS or otherwise? I have been planning to have this done as soon as I have the boat hauled for the winter. There was one on my previous boat, and I really liked it. In talking to a neighbor with a Tartan 31, he...
  55. R

    Propeller Shaft Strut 1979 Ericson 29

    I need to replace the strut for my propeller shaft. Has anyone gone through this task and have any suggestions. My boat yard is telling me it could be very expensive to fabricate one.
  56. T

    Propeller Shaft - broken nut - need advice

    I was out sailing on Sunday, and when I dropped the sails and started up the motor to come in to the doc, there was an unhealthy banging, followed by the sound of my motor spinning very freely - but we were not moving. After docking under sail (a whole other story...), I dug into the problem and...
  57. J

    propeller shaft

    I recently replaced my cutless bearing on my '76 E27. I found that the propeller shaft must be original since it has significant wear. Does anyone know of a supplier who has random shaft lengths with the correct propeller taper and threads? Thanks
  58. G

    Rudder Spacers & Shaft Play

    Does anyone know of a good source for rudder shaft spacers (one [1]- 4 5/8 OD X 3 17/32 ID X 1/4, and two (2)4 5/8 OD X 3 17/32 ID X 1/8) for a 1988 Ericson 35 III? I assume these must to be manufactured out of Nylatron or Delrin? Also, any recommendations on the best method for reducing shaft...
  59. Steve

    Shaft zinc

    Anyone have any ideas why my shaft zinc (bullet type) always seems to loosen up after a few trips. WE tighten the heck out of those little screws with the an allen wrench each and every time.. do you think its vibration, though I don't feel it at the helm? Steve E-35-3:confused:
  60. S

    Prop Shaft

    Does anybody know the prop shaft size for an E-29 (Atomic 4) vintage 1973? I believe it is 3/4" but cannot confirm it with any of the boats original documentation. Thanks.
  61. T

    Rudder shaft stuffing box

    Greetings, All. I once read on an earlier Ericson list, that someone had replaced the flax packing on the always troublesome E32-2 rudder stuffing box with an o-ring. Does anyone have any information on dimensions, material, and where to get such an o-ring? I'm hauling out this year and would...