1. M

    Bilge pump vented loop question

    I have a siphoning question about the bilge pump vented loops. I recently installed a second automatic bilge pump slightly higher than the original in my 1970 E32. I put the outlet near the top of the transom on the port side because there was already a hole there. I have a vented loop...
  2. davisr

    where's your holding tank vent?

    Vikings, Where are your holding tank vents? I'm trying to figure out where to install mine. I'm thinking of putting the through-hull (or hulls) just beneath the sheer stripe, but I'm a little concerned about water intrusion. I've found two links that show two different approaches. Thanks for...
  3. C

    installation of two vents on deck

    we need to install vents on deck, but we are still looking to find where they wont be in the way. any picture of yours or ideas? and we have one hole on port just besides the guardrail for a vent but cannot find the correct size to fit it in... need help.
  4. S

    holding tank vent

    Need help in identifying where the holding tank vent is located on the 1989 E38 200 ....I have a raritan PHII...thanks
  5. mherrcat

    Crankcase vent tube

    There was another thread about this a few weeks ago. Here is what I did to reconfigure my filter/vent tube. Similar to what Maine Sail did. I wish I could have used a filter with a rubber top (would have been easier) but all the ones with rubber tops were too big to fit the space. My filter is...
  6. mherrcat

    Engine anti-siphon vent

    Related to another thread where we got to talking about water coming from the anti-siphon vent through hull. I tried the method mentioned in Calder's book; to vent the loop higher than the highest point in the exhaust system. I still got water coming out of the hose. My exhaust hose is looped...
  7. S

    E28 solar vent

    Just bought my first boat - an E28 - after 52 years of letting someone else pay the bills. On the first sail the jib sheet caught the solar vent on the forward hatch and flung it into the sea. I cannot find anything in Ericson documentation about this solar vent. Does anyone know the likely...
  8. larossa

    Bronze Fittings for Dorade Box - Cowl Vent

    Hi All, Last night I had a very unfortunate accident. I was out sailing in 20+ knots of air and did not take my cowl vent off the dorade box. During a tack my jib sheet wrapped itself around the cowl vent and ripped the cowl vent and teak cover of the box off and in the drink. What I now...
  9. J

    Holding Tank Vent Hose

    As you can see in the photo below, the vent hose for the holding tank is attached to a 90 degree downward elbow that routes the vent hose below the intake hose. The vent hose seems to be totally blocked as pumping out creates suction at the deck fitting that doesn’t release once the pump stops...
  10. G

    Clamshell vent needed.

    All, Today I'm looking for one or two Wilcox Crittenden, cast bronze Clamshell vents, 1 1/2" X 1 1/2". These are a triangular in shape and look just like their more modern stainless or chrome plated brass replacements. I need four of them for a project on the boat and to date have only...
  11. S

    Head vent

    Howdy, All - Very happy to be joining you as the proud new (to me) owner of a 1986 E38! Had her out once already single-handing and WOW, what a blast!!:egrin: I have been ghosting this great site for a while and you all really helped me with my research and final decision. Gotta love...
  12. wheelerwbrian

    Holding Tank Vent and Other Issues

    Some of the fittings, especially the tank vent fitting, on my holding tank on my 88 E38-200 are leaking. Apparently this is not something new, since the PO applied lots of silicone to it in a futile effort to fix the problem. Last year, in my war against head smell, I replaced the hoses --...
  13. R

    Window channel anyone?? Solar Vent??

    Hey folks - I have an E29 '76 with leaky ports, tried to email Gareth Harris as he used to have some of the Lewmar channell for the tempered glass windows but the email got returned. Anyone know how to contact him or of another good source for the channel and gasket???? Also I'm looking to p;ut...
  14. G

    Waste Tank Vent

    After a great sailing season, I'm planning on completing the insallation of a waste tank in my E27. I started the project last winter but never finished it. Sailing seemed to take precedence over any and all work that got it the way. My question is... where should I place the waste tank vent...
  15. S

    odd sized cowl vent

    I recently accidently kicked the port side cowl vent and it went straight overboard. Seems this is some strange size that I can't locate anywhere. Does anybody know where I can get a cowl vent which will fit over the deck fitting 3-1/4 " OD? My boat is a 1985 - 38. The vent i'm referring to is...
  16. Keith Parcells

    Holding Tank Vent

    Has anyone replaced the vent connector for the holding tank? I am speaking of the connector that passes through the hull topsides & is covered with a little clamshell vent cover. It connects to the 1/2" vent line. Ours is very rusted/corroded & was actually clogged causing incomplete pumpouts...
  17. footrope

    E38 Settee (20 gal.) fresh water tank vent

    I am working on a new vent arrangement for my settee tank. The old vent ran from the tank, which is near the v-berth door - starboard - to the galley sinks, which are aft starboard. Along the way the 1/2" hose was routed through and under cabinetry, as low as the cabin sole, before ending up at...