1. T

    1979 E30 2 Sunk during Isaias, worth saving?

    Dear Forum Members, Unfortunately our 1979 E30 2, located in Nyack, NY on the Hudson River broke away from her mooring and beached during Isaias. She is sunken, I don't yet know whether if there is hull damage and if so how big. She has a Yanmar 2GM20F in good shape that I just worked on and...
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    My daughter helping with the new thru hull install
  4. trickdhat

    Misadventures of a new diesel owner

    Hey, did you know these boats actually sail too? You wouldn’t know it watching me over my first 4 months of ownership, but we were finally able to take Segue (soon to be renamed) out for the day. I had a small scare when I went below to find the new exhaust riser smoking a bit when I was...
  5. D

    Purchasing a 1987 38-200: The Refit Begins!

    New to the forum! Sea trial tomorrow, survey Monday! We are a young couple with ambitions of sailing the world. After looking at 15 boats (new and old), we found an immaculate 38-200 for sale. New to sailing, though we've owned five power boats from 20' to 30', including a Sea Ray that I just...
  6. S

    Ericson 30-2 (transom rudder) for sale in SF

    Ericson 30-2 (1979) with transom-hung rudder and wheel steering for sale in San Francisco. Good condition - ready to sail. Inboard Yanmar diesel (rebuilt this year); double spreader rig; North sails - less than two years old; self-tailing winches; spinnaker with pole and lines; Harken roller...
  7. L

    Re-powering E27: replacing Atomic 4 with Yanmar YSB8

    Hello All My Atomic 4 seized and was recently taken out of 73 E27. I have a Yanmar one cylinder YSB8 diesel in good condition complete with transmission, exhaust, gauges, controls, etc. It was taken out of Hunter 27 years ago. The engine is in good shape and runs well. I am thinking of using it...
  8. Ericsean

    For Sale Yanmar 2GMF20 & E-30 Parts

    I have a used Yanmar 2GM20, Fresh water cooled engine. Bought it to install in my 1970 E-30, but bought an E-38 instead. Now parting out the E-30, so the engine is for sale. along with 4 Yanmar motor mounts and Yanmar Panel. $2,500 for all. I will throw in 3/4" steel plates I had fabricated...
  9. H

    YSM8 Oil Leak

    I have a YSM8 engine that appears to be leaking oil. It seems to leak only when running but I haven't completely ruled out a slow constant leak. The bottom of the engine sat in fresh (rain) water for an unknown but probably long period of time leading me to believe that one or more gaskets could...
  10. C

    Ericson 27/ Yanmar 2gm prop size

    Hi, I'm looking to replace our exisiting 3 blade prop with a 2 blade. I think the 3 blade is too small as the boat barely powers at 4 3/4 knots. No tachometer on the boat though. Anyone have this boat and 2 cylinder diesel with a gear ratio of 2.62? Is hull speed about 5.5 knots? Thanks, David
  11. T

    Yanmar Transmission Must be in Neutral

    Just ran across this interesting piece of information and remembering several old threads on the subject of gear selection when sailing thought it worth posting here. Yanmar states the you transmission must be in neutral when you are sailing with the engine off. See attached PDF for their...
  12. A

    Yanmar YSB8 Manual Link

    Here is the link to Yanmar's YSB8 diesel engine manual http://sailboatpower.com/EngineManuals.html Thanks to Niels Ulrik Blaabjerg for sending it to me originally.
  13. A

    Yanmar YSB-8 RPM to speed

    I finally installed a Tiny-tach to get an idea of the RPM being turned by my YSB-8. It looks like around 2500rpm at 4.5kts on average on my E-27. I believe the max rpm on the YSB-8 is somewhere around 3200rpm. Does all this sound about right?
  14. I

    E29 and Yanmar 8hp... underpowered??

    Hi folks, first post to this awesome forum. We've been boatless for 10 years, and it's high time for another. Our first boat was an E27, we cruised her lots on the BC coast including a 5-month lazy liveaboard sabbatical. We've had other nice boats since, including a lovely Alberg 37, but the...
  15. S

    Yanmar 2GM20 parts

    Parting out a 2GM20 engine. Head and Block were both Magged and are clean, no cracks etc. Transmission, starter, alternator and on and on and on. If you need ANY parts for your 2GM20 send me a list and make me an offer. I didn't rebuild due to gears, cam and injection fuel pump (maybe...
  16. S

    Yanmar 2YM15 Going IN!

    It has been almost a year since my big overhaul of the steering quadrant in our 1974 E32-2. Steering is working great now. We thought we were done until......Blown engine! We pulled the Yanmar 2GM20 Raw water out to replace what we thought was a bad head gasket. Well it was bad, but one...
  17. J

    Yanmar engine shaft coupling

    Yanmar shaft-coupling with some use, but solid with shaft-bolts fits 7/8" shaft, is available cheap.
  18. J

    Yanmar YSM Diesel Service Manual

    For those of you with a Yanmar YSM 8 or 12 Diesel I found a link online to the service and maintenance manual. http://www.swinranger.co.uk/yanmar.htm If someone can tell me how to upload this I am more than happy to create .pdf's to add to the "specs and documentation" section on this...
  19. C

    Yanmar 2QM20H For Sale

    I am repowering C-ya in preparation for a long salmon troll season to be followed by a lap around the north Pacific. My Yanmar still runs great but the reduction gear is pretty tired and the raw water pump is seeping. Considering the heavy use I'll be putting C-ya to, I've decided to go brand...
  20. C

    Yanmar reduction gear

    I have a Yanmar 2QM20H which needs a KBW10 2.14 to 1 reduction gear in the worst way! Does anyone know where to get one? Are there any companies that rebuild them?