32-3 sails and compare the 5 Annapolis sail lofts?

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Thanks for that homework Mark. I should be back in the area at the end of next week and will give you a ring.


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Bacon Sails

I've got a collection of 10 and 20 year old North and Quantum sails and ought to replace at least the old ones and have two questions. Price is a factor, so I'm looking at Dacron and the jib is on a roller.

1. I'm a cruiser in the Chesapeake area with hopes to make it to the Bahamas before too long. The original boat owner was definitely a racer and the older jib is 150%. For you on the Chesapeake with a 32, would you suggest staying with the 150 or go to another size? Folks are going to answer by saying "talk to your local sail loft" and I've already started doing that but not yet had somebody from a loft come to the boat. The reason for posting this question first is because the people I have spoken to are either at two of the lofts or they don't own Ericsons in this area, let alone a 1980s 32.

2. Being in the Annapolis area, we are blessed with no less than FIVE well-known lofts, North, Quantum, Ullman, Bacon, and Chesapeake. North and Quantum are considered to be the better Ford and Chevy sailmakers, in that you know that you will get a good product and they have great warranties. I like Bacon but their backlog is months long and have no experience with either Ullman (great rep but pricey?) or Chesapeake Sails. I already know of people who have had good experience with each of these lofts, so am not asking "Whose sails do you use?"
My question #2 even for the non-area crowd, is what experience or recommendations do you have in comparing the five lofts.
A little late on getting into this thread but last year we had Bacon Sails "make" a new head and headsail for our 32-3. I had them do the whole thing, from measurements to installation, so that if anything went wrong the mistake would be on them. It was a pleasant experience. We worked with Gary Chwazik who's the general manger. I've attached some info I copied from one of the early e-mails from him outlining what we were buying so this info maybe useful to you. I should also point out that the sails are guaranteed for FIVE YEARS. The new sails are great compared to the originals. Things worked out so well that we're going to have them also install a Lazy Jack/sail bag for the main and low friction track system for the mast. Here's my info:

Ericson 32 MKIII Furling Headsail 140%: $2273.90
Standard Features:

Luff, leech and foot dimensions, customer to advise as per attached form
No. 6 luff tape, customer to confirm size
Challenge Fastnet Dacron 7.38oz cloth weight
All broadseams are BOTH triple stitched and triple throw stitched
Genuine marine grade Natural colored Sunbrella suncovers included, customer to advise side to install
Individual Foam strips in dedicated luff channels for roller reefing
Radial corner construction for strength/durability
Cross cut panel layout
Tack lashing to secure sail to furling gear
Reefing indexes along foot for visual furling reference
Draft/trim stripes, two in red (other colors available)
High Modulus Leech/Foot lines w/clamcleats
Cleat pockets w/Velcro closures to protect from standing rigging
Spectra webbing loops at head and tack attachments
Telltales and sailbag

Ericson 32 MKIII Powerhead Mainsail: $1711.00
Standard Features:

Luff, leech and foot, customer to advise as per attached Measurement Form
Challenge Fastnet Offshore Dacron, oz cloth weight
Radial Fan panel corner constructions for strength/durability
Cross cut panel layout
Luff hardware, customer to advise type and size
Tack offsets, customer to advise
Loose footed w/clew slide webbed to clew ring, cust to advise foot hardware shape/size
Hi modulus leech line w/cleat
Aluminum Headboard
One row of reefs, customer to advise location if needed (We actually had two rows of reefs installed, 1st and 2nd)
Cunningham ring
Top full length batten w/remaining three mid-length, all included
Draft/trim stripes, two in red
Telltales, sailbag

HERE IS A IMAGE OF THE MAIN (I don't have one for the headsail):

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Thank you Bob,
That is good information.

At this point in the game we have several quotes going into the 2019 Annapolis Fall Sailboat show.

Things to consider next are customer support and price points.

The tri-axial offerings of Quantum and North Sails look technical improvements. Does anyone have experience with ti-axials?



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Force10 Sails in Easton is another loft there to try. They are young and hungry and did a really good job for someone I know. As was pointed out, all the lofts pick from the same few suppliers of raw material and Dacron is a mature commodity material. I've been told that all the big lofts like North supply all their basic cruising sales from Asian factories/warehouses and the local lofts do only high end sails and repair. Not that that really matters if you are getting good service from the loft, but I would expect them to pay a lot more attention to their high-margin clientele.

If you aren't going to race I don't think there is any point in getting a high-tech / 3Di / Nordac type sail. A Triaxial is a bit of an improvement over a cross-cut sail because they hold sail-shape longer/better, but they also cost a bunch more since there are more seems and cut-waste, etc. and could be harder to repair.

I got a heavy (8.4oz) cross cut main from Ullman I'm really happy with, and a used North 135 genoa that's good as well. Ullman stocks mains for Catalina 34s that happen to fit E35-3 very well, so there is a bit of a price benefit getting an in-stock vs. bespoke sail and that difference way more than made up for the logo swap and hull# addition done at my local loft.


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1. That is really good advice.
2. I just spoke with Force Sails and will be receiving quotes soon. Of note: They said they have not attended the Annapolis Sailboat Show for a few years.


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I’ve had a very good experience with North and Sobstad sails. I think the real question is the use and do you want to measure them yourself. I think you pay for the service of having the loft measure out and everything for you. In my case there are no lofts near me so I always have to measure them. I am very curious about the new North 3di Dacron sails. I also like the sobstad radial sails

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I was at Bacon today and think they are going to get my business.

They are going to give a 20% discount at the boat show next month on top of already having a good price, plus are local and will come to the boat.