A recommendation: Hipster Topsiders


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I went rafting last summer with some friends and the cool-college-kids who were our guides, instead of wearing classic Teva sandals, all wore some funny newfangled water shoes I had never seen before. The manufacturer is called 'Astral' and after not really finding any topsider shoes I liked at West Marine, decided to order a pair for sailing.

They grip phenomenally well and are designed to drain water almost as well as a sandal but with the protection of a closed toe.
They are more or less moccasins in terms of not providing any footbed support, but if one is scrambling around his cabin top, the grip is probably more important.

I have the Loyak model, now on sale at Northwest River Supply (www.nrs.com) for $68:

Your mileage may vary.


The sole does have the tightly spaced topsider-style wavy grip lines in the sole, in addition to the main tread pattern. Faintly visible here:

Geoff W.

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dope kicks, might cop a pair myself

there, now I can pull off the "cool college kid" required to wear these. my Helly Hansen shoes just bit the dust, these seem like a welcome replacement. Thanks for the rec!
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Ed Valente

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I’ll second the recommendation for these. I bought a pair last year out of frugality and have found them to be the best sailing shoes I’ve ever had. Agree there is no footbed / arch support (feels like barefoot) but you can’t beat the grip.