A Salve for the Mid-Winter Blues...


The editing for the Shoe String Winter crew party movie, Saturday February 22nd, was already in the works when Geoff W. posted his watermelon kite images, so this link will piggyback a bit on that thread.

We've enjoyed the combination of the Trogear sprit and Mr. Happy, all 1,087 square feet of it! Not without issues, as some of the pics prove, but overall, a great generator of offwind boatspeed ...when trimmed well. We've learned how high, and how low, this kite will fly. We've also learned what the upper wind range is and what affect wave-state has. It's been a process, an enjoyable process.

This link should provide a bit of a peek into Chicago racing and the crew interactions that make for memorable events. Hope you enjoy it, I certainly did while putting it together.


Geoff W.

Makes Up For It With Enthusiasm
Looks great :) Including the racing - Chicago is my hometown, but somehow I never got into sailing out there. I imagine it's pretty great sailing most of the time.

What cut of kite is it / what weight of material?


Weight is .6 oz, cut is what I'd call a 'runner', or as close to a runner as possible with an A-sail. UK probably has a Name/Number for such things (A2?), it escapes me at time of writing. It was sized (1,087 square feet) to be Chicago-to-Mac legal and still fit within parameters for the local racing rules. It can be a handful, but the 'smiles for miles' offsets the sphincter crinkle moments.