Frank Langer

1984 Ericson 30+, Nanaimo, BC
lost the battens for my full batten mainsail on my Ericson 29. Anyone have for sale ??
I have Battens, 2 full and 2 partial, from the mainsail on my E30+ which might work for you. I would be willing to ship them to you for the cost of shipping and about $50 US, if that works for you. If you only want the two longer ones, I could do that too. I have sold sailing books and a set of 3 sails successfully to members on this site, all parties happy with the outcome.
You can reply here, or send me a private email.


William Haas
@julibell, I have ordered replacements on Sailrite before (they have battens in many sizes and lengths as well as end caps). I think the last one I bought cost around $10.00 including shipping. Your local sail loft is also a great resource.