Engine - refurbish or replace ?

Ralph Hewitt

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Mine has the bronze Universal paint peeling in places, showing the original Kubota blue. Runs like a champ, no idea as to how many hours are on it. most significant service I’ve done was to replace the fresh water/coolant circulator pump. Bought a Kubota pump for half the price. This site is a wealth of knowledge and experience with these diesels.
What was Kubota part # for fresh Water pump?
5432 engine? Price?


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Just installed a new Kubota pump on my M-25.
Part # 155534-73033 $217.89 at the Kubota Tractor dealer.
Came in a sealed plastic Kubota parts bag from Japan.

Could have a copy off e bay much cheaper or could have paid $436.00 at my local diesel repair shop for a Universal unit.


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Wow, that’s the cost of nearly 10 drive belts! (the one maintenance item on my electric drive).
Correction three maintenance items with the electric drive.....belt, batteries, stuffing box. I elected to repower with diesel because of the space and weight of required batteries. I did not want to give up that much storage.


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And probably also the cost of 10 sculling oars (which eliminates that one maintenance item for electric drives while also providing some range).
Where did you get sculling oars? I want one for Silver Maiden. I hate that I will be DIW if wind and engine both fail!