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Manhandle! I still do it! At least when no one I care about is looking. I walk the boat back, push the bow through the wind and jump on. I tell people I'm saving gas.

If you are more concerned about cursing...leaving the dock should not be that big an issue as you will be on the water more often. Besides not being in control for brief periods of time is part of sailing. Sometimes the most exciting part!

In earnest, most experienced folks have great strategies, intuition, contingencies, and sometimes a lot of humility when docking and un-docking.
For example, I was told "when reversing , inboard or outboard, build just enough speed then get off the throttle". This was from a guy that regularly backed into his 16' slip with a 17' beam boat.
Of course the beam was 15' and some inches at the waterline. No less it was amazing to watch! 4-6" clearance on both sides! Sometimes he had a cross wind, or traffic, or too much to drink. But he still got it in even after several attempts.

This is normally what I do in forward or reverse, get a little speed, go into neutral, then coast. And throttle for about 1 second at a time if I need more speed.

What is a fair price for:

E27, tiller, no leaks, solid decks, no need for paint
yamaha 4 cycle 9.9 high thrust
roller furling
tiller pilot
electrical works as it should

Things I would add:

needs new batteries
lazy jacks
lead lines back to cockpit
composting toilet (currently has just a portable)

Thoughts on the price?
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I was inspired by Christian Lloyd's blog and cruised my way around Vancouver Island on my E27. A year later and I still feel proud of my little achievement even though its not in the ballpark of Christians journey.
The E27 is a tough little boot, get one in good condition and you can go far.

Christian Lloyd and Andrew Urbanczyk are my E27 heroes.

I have an inboard and outboard, I use the outboard more because its easily replaceable. The outboard was fine for the whole trip around Vancouver Island, even in the gale and lumpy seas we experienced off Brooks peninsula.


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Mine is in great condition. Even the Atomic 4 is still good. I'm just outside of Tacoma WA...going around Vancouver Island is on my list for this summer, and perhaps next summer up the inside passage to Alaska.


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On a boat that averages 4 knots its 5-8 week journey, you could do it in 4 but that's a rush. There's a lot to see.

my 2c..

Get the Dreamspeaker cruising guides.
Have good ground tackle.
Have friends join you now and then.


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I would definitely take my time. I have the luxury of being able to work from anywhere my phone can pick up the internet. So never in a hurry!

Really looking forward to BC. I love the San Juans, but I more or less have them memorized. Thanks for the photo's, makes me itch for brand new exploring :)