Ericson 35-2 Adjustable backstay


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Here is one source I had found for cascade backstay systems ( with configuration diagrams ):

I have the original 33RH system ( fractional rig ) which is weird but it works . Most of the pulleys are inside the transom .( which has its advantages and disadvantages) . I’ll take pictures of it once I am able to crawl back there. It has two lines enabling adjustment from either side of the cockpit . I thought about replacing it but I actually like the way it works and will probably keep it but replace all the lines and back it up with a preventer if something breaks . .


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So, I went ahead and strung the backstay cascade. I didn’t have a 6:1 block and tackle, so I made do with what I had.

Took the whole of two sunny afternoons.

I can’t wait to actually use it.


It really highlights got off center the Aries was installed. If only I could get the installer to fix that...