Ericson 38-200 -- What to Look For?


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I saw that listing too. Looks like a beautiful boat!

Dollars to donuts the seller has a lot more than 70K sunk into it with the new engine etc..

Check the through hulls and the prop shaft connection.


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I believe 85 or 86 was the first year for the -200, and the engine was under the sink, the galley cabinetry was different, and the head did not have the small opening port. Looked more like the 381 in profile. There was a redesign in 87, the mast and keel were moved forward and the cabin lengthened. (This is in the Practical Sailor review, so accuracy could be questionable...)


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Remember that in the eye of the seller, a bird in the hand is worth several in the bush...never be hesitant to make a low offer like $60k for the first one you mentioned with asking over $70k. Seller may hem and haw and cry the blues, but if you state you are firm or may consider $63,500 max, and mention the couple of other 38-200 for sale on this thread, that may buy you an Ericson!

By the way...the video in that first ad is done very professional. I wonder why he had the engine going during the entire time he was under sail? Maybe to show it had a strong exhaust?
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