Free: E32-200 binnacle guard, binnacle brace & mounting hardware


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Yours just for the cost of shipping....
Another forum member offered this set on the forum a year ago - I bought it because the aluminum binnacle brace on my E32-3 is quite oxidized. Swapping this set for mine finally got near the top of my to-do list last weekend, but when I took it to the boat, I found that it's narrower than mine - see pics. I don't want to cut new holes and fill the old ones in the cockpit floor, so maybe someone else can use it.
If you want the whole package, it'll probably cost ~$40-60 for USPS Priority mail shipping, depending how far it has to go (the whole package weighs ~7 lbs).
But, if you just want the white aluminum brace that clamps the guard to the binnacle, that will cost a lot less to ship.

guard is taller:narrower than E32-3.JPGguard is 10.5%22 wide.JPG