Groco FBV-1250 seacock, thru hull for sale


Member III
I have a 1-1/4 Groco flanged seacock, flush mount thru hull, and pipe to hose fitting that I'm willing to part with for a very good deal, if anyone is interested. In short, I'm happy to help out an eyo member in need of these pieces to save them a few bucks.

I purchased items based on what was already on my boat. However, in my case, the 1-1/4" thru hull set up was fitted in a 1-1/2" hole for overboard from the head. I could see that rhe old thru hull barely covered the hole once I got it all out. So, I replaced with the proper sized TH etc., and I've ended up with these extra pieces. They are:

FBV-1250 flanged ball valve seacock
FTH-1250-W flush mount thru hull with nut
PTH-1250 pipe to hose fitting (straight)

If interested, pm me.