How many are left?


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I was recently asked how many boats did Ericson build, and how many are still registered in use. Anyone out there have any numbers on that?

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Glyn Judson

How many Ericsons are left?

Frank and all, I can only speak to the E31 as to how many are left, maybe similar records are being kept by owners of other models. Of 73 E31's made all have been located but for two, hulls #67 & #68. Those two might be bobbing on their moorings, tucked away and hiding from the world in some lovely region of the world or on the bottom somewhere, maybe even scrapped, victims of weather or misfortune, none can say for sure. I can tell you that all the rest are accounted for with one possibly on the way to being decommissioned as the result of a sinking in the slip right here in Marina del Rey. So as of this writing, 71 E31's are absolutely and positively still around, possibly all 73 but only time will tell if hulls #67 & #68 are ever found. Glyn Judson, E31 hull #55, Marina del Rey, CA