iPhone Users - "Edit" function funky?

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I'm having problems with the edit function when using my iPhone. When I try to edit a post I cannot scroll to the end of the post and I get a strange option choice of "Vote Now."

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I've moved this post back out of the 3.0 Bug Report, and into it's own thread because it involves capabilities that are not covered under 3.0...
vBulletin has developed an iPhone/Android app for vB4x - but I've not pulled it down and decided to implement it because:

  • It's expensive
  • It's getting horrible reviews from people who have implemented it.
So - eventually I plan on implementing a phone (aka - small screen) version of this site (another reason we moved 100% into the vB framework), but I cannot do it until we get past some of these other issues.

So - to answer your question directly - I'm not sure what the current site is doing what is doing. Your post date suggests you may have been looking at vB 3.8.7 when you wrote it - so I would suggest you give it another try and advise in a separate thread (since we're on vB 4.1.3 now, and am amount to go to 4.1.4 in the next few days).

I've pulled the site up on my phone's browser - and with many full-sized sites, it's difficult to use. I will look into phone apps, etc - and promise that I will implement something along those lines as soon as practically possible.

I'm closing this thread now to prevent expansion here (since vB 3.8.7 is not applicable any more).

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