Kinleven mast ladder [and mast climbing issues]

Scott B.

Holy crap! Nothing looks right about that. Especially the forestay attached by only a fragment of a cotter pin, at best. What a lucky discovery before something really bad happened! This reinforces my need to find out what's going on at the top of my mast; it hasn't been inspected for a long time.


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This has become quite the thread. It's great to see so much input from the group.

Just for fun I thought I'd share one of the things we riggers occasionally find once we safely get to the top of the mast. Look closely, this might just put the fear of gravity in you.
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Mental note: Use my son's drone to check pin and mast top condition before go up there...
2 mental note: Install a good half-moon block at the top for safety reasons.
Whit technology there are no reason to sweat anymore checking mast top

Kenneth K

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Skyscrapers, bridges, towers, and all sorts of structures are inspected periodically and repetitively for safety. Fortunately, disassembly is not required.