Last Sail for the Duration (10-minute video)


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Christian, Thanks again for taking us along, especially during these days, when I'm not even allow to visit my boat that's "on the hard" in Annapolis. No prediction as to when the bottom work can be done and even if it was I couldn't sail anyway. But.....we all do what we must do to get through this and there are always people who are worse off. My daughter, son-in-law and grandson are in a real "hot spot" area in Fort Lee, NJ compared to where I live, near Hershey, PA. They aren't even going outside their door and I'm sure there are others that have it far worse then that too. So we all have to "heave to" and ride this one out.

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Thanks so...much.
Sad times for us...all of us.
I was hoping to get some work done on our boat.
As a high school teacher, I start trying to teach engineering remotely tomorrow.
Kids are scared. The worlds largest robotics program was stopped in the middle of competition and everyone was sent home.

Maybe you could edit together some of your sailing footage into virtual....spiritual sail.
Thanks again for all you do for our community.



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Geeze Christian- take away sailing? Ouch! I feel for you. I hope the powers that be in Virginia don't hear about S Calif. As of now fishing is on the exceptions list- and exercise- which I consider sailing therapy- mind, body and spirit.


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Not sure how envious my French self feels about the "substance" :egrin:
Here are my confinement treats!

Nice but sad video...
Also wish to be able to keep sailing through these times upper North in California - a really nice way to get some fresh air and not be in contact with anyone as long as things are under control. Kinda understand the other rational too though.

Fair winds either way... and safe passage through these crazy times.

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I have to sail by the major Coast Guard station for the North Coast to get out of the harbor. They would have a chopper up instantly (they love to practice).


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I had to cancel all of my club sailing reservations in April (I do not own an Ericson yet :) - but at last, the numbers look better today and maybe with some hope and continued sheltering, we'll all be out of the woods in a month or two.