Marina del Rey slips???

billie williams

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We would like to relocate our boat down to Marina del Rey. Does anybody have any suggestions for a clean marina with availability of 30-35’ slips?

Update: there are several new marinas serving folks in MdR. So it looks like the issue of "no slips anywhere" has been solved.
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billie williams

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Hey there---was just going to mention Marina City Club--E basin but looks like you have things sorted.
Thanks, Gerald! Yes, there are, in general, more slips available now - not a lot, but it's better. It's on my list to call Marina City Club this week. Do you keep your boat there?

Christian Williams

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As Billie knows, there are mutiple "marinas" in Marina del Rey, many with slips. There are also five yacht clubs, some with slips associated. The clubs all seek new members, and are glad to provide a free tour and price information.

Also, many yacht brokers maintain slips and have recommendations or accommodations.

See here for link to Slip Vacancy Report:

Here's a list of facilities:

And yacht clubs:

Del Rey Yacht Club
(87) · Yacht club
13900 Palawan Way

California Yacht Club
(160) · Yacht club
4469 Admiralty Way
Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Pacific Mariners Yacht Club
(36) · Yacht club
13915 Panay Way

Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club
(60) · Yacht club
13589 Mindanao Way

Marina Yacht Club
(9) · Yacht club
4333 Admiralty Way
Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Mon
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