Pharaon: Ericson 29 for Sale in NH


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Have always appreciated the helpful information that you have provided in this community about Pharaon, our 29' Ericson that I now need to part with. Over the years I've personally refit the atomic and replaced with a nice yanmar 2-cyl, stripped the hull and painted it in alexseal, repaired or replaced much of the plumbing, outfitted with modern electronics, and sailed all over New England.

Aboard there are countless memories for myself and my family, and many dear friends as guests who have since sailed off to the Captain in the Sky. But alas, my children are little, and as an upcoming family medicine resident there is simply no time (or energy) for sailing.

Pharaon is for sale at

Feel free to contact if you are interested or want to share thoughts.

Sean Engle

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Very pretty boat - and excellent Word Press page built for it's sale - hope that you are successful, etc. Please ensure you come back to visit with us - as the knowledge you carry about your boat is very valuable to us!