Raja Muda Offshore Race, 2010. Malaysia, 1 week of racing. Champions!


Simon Connor
The Raja Muda 2010 was a regatta that had it all. Long races – 22hrs, 26hrs, 10hrs, sunset sailing, sunrise sailing, good winds, no wind, lightning and thunder storms, big boats small boats new boats and old boats, great socialising and a big buzz that reminded us we were part of a major regatta, with international superstars like Adam Minoprio and international press covering the event. This was a regatta full of fun, endurance, highs and lows, lots or partying and very little sleep.

The full write up that I did for my local sailing club is attached, sorry its a bit long, it was more for my records than a newletter write up.

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This was my first Ragatta outside of Singapore and my first offshore Regatta, it was an amazing adventure. From the delivery trip, sailing through the night ending with a 6 hour spinnaker run starting at 1am.

We created memories that will be with us forever. The lows of spending 7 hours trying to keep the boat moving forward at many times less than one knot. Being becalmed 50 metres from the finish line after 22 hours of sailing. But it was these lows that intensified the highs :

The highlights from this regatta for us were ;

Managing to avoid the temptation of using the engine option after being becalmed 50 mtrs from the finish line after 22 hrs of sailing, catching a breeze half an hour later to finally cross the finish line.

In Race 2 – squeezing across the finish line 10 minutes before the 26 hour deadline, after the last 3 hrs of full-on trimming and beating the GPS estimate for our finish.

Having 5 hour spinnaker runs, touching on 9 knots

Night sailing and watching the sunsets and sunrises

The socialising and meeting other sailors from around the region.

Sharing the stories with our SAFYC Kaki’s from Millenium 2

Having a water-bomb fight battle with Rainbow Dream 30 mins before the final race (after they attacked us at Race 3 start with about 50 water balloons)

.....and of course winning :)