Reseting last visit date


Member III
Is it possible to allow us to reset our last visit date and time? I was looking at New Posts earlier today but then got pulled into other things (like work I was supposed to be doing...) and didn't get back to EYO for a number of hours. At that point when I retrurned to my 'New Posts' page most of the posts were no longer listed, I'm guessing due to an update on my last visit time.
I tried searching for posts from today, but that didn't work so well as you must enter a search word, which I couldn't think of one that is in all posts.

I certainly don't want this to be seen as a complaint or anything, and if it's a big deal please don't take a lot of your time to change this. Just looking for a way to see "New Posts", or all posts from a specific day or two.



I think I remember that if you do a search and there are no new posts it has an option of clicking some link for posts in the last 24 hours ?