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Not sailing....yet, but FINALLY done with work for the year (our year ends June 30), and can’t tell you how much I enjoyed getting off the dock and around Possession Point on the way outa Dodge this morning...



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July 3, Burlington VT

Lake Champlain raft up. Aylwin E32-3 in the foreground an Cardinal Points, E35-3 next in. Some other boats too but...



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Portland Harbor, Maine

late afternoon, headed to the mooring


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Geoff W.

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Delightful's first Duck Dodge in Seattle. We didn't place, but we did have a great time :)

Christian Williams

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Eight is enough for sailing on the E38. More than that and the cockpit overflows.

But we have had 26 aboard for cocktails in the slip.


Shawn Rodel

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38-200 1988

Coming up on our 1 year anniversary of Paper Moon [38-200] photo's of a Beer Can regatta we entered in New Port Richey, Fl.
As luck would have we won, fantastic boat....Shawn & Sue


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A 32 is fine for two, but....

6E1C1F8B-C936-40EF-8EA2-A42308452E46.jpgIf you add on a westerly and a Jenneau, you can get to about 40 (with at least 41 life jackets).
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