Sliding hatch


Bill McLean
I want to put a piece of possibly plastic to place over the hatch. As you can see there is a 1/8" piece of some kind of plastic on it now. This has been on there for maybe 4 years but is not really UV proof and is degrading.
Starboard seems to come in 1/4" minimum and is stiff. I'd like to use that, but I don't think if will flex to the hatch's radius.
Any suggestions?

Christian Williams

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Isn't that a good use of acrylic plastic (Lucite)?

That's what the 32-3 used in that application. Although on my boat the plastic is 1/2" and has to be heat formed, my plastics guy thought 3/8th could be cold bent to the shape of the sliding hatch frame. Perhaps with help of a heat gun.

Anyhow, just take the current plastic to a plastics shop and have it copied in Acrylic, perhaps color code gray #1064.