Spring has sprung

Kim Schoedel

Member III
Hello out there to our fellow land locked sailors! It seems like it has been a long winter. But the sun is shinning and the temps are crawling up a bit even though we did get about 1 inch of snow last night in the North of Spokane WA area. But the forecast is a high of 70 F in a few days and I have an Ericson that keeps calling for my wife and I to get with the program.

I did get out a few times this winter for some short excursions. It helps to have the Espar furnace and a couple of snorts of Rum on board. Nice to have the lake to ourselves.

It would be good to hear from you lake folks.

Ok, as another landlocker, we are dying with anticipation for the reciept of our "new" E29. It is supposed to be released from winter prison in Ohio and shipped down to us in the next few weeks. We have had some incredible spring weather already, mid 80's 10-15 mph winds. This is our first boat and we cannot wait to get her on the water.

For any other Kentucky Lake sailors we'll be at Pebble Isle marina in New Johnsonville. I have no idea what kind of sailing conditions we'll have on this section of the lake. I know that there is a very large sailing community about 100 miles north of us near Grand Rivers. If anyone makes it down to our neck of the woods, please let us know!!!! We'll be in learning mode and spending lots of time on our new weekend home on the water!!!

Yeah Spring!!!!

Bart and Cheri

Kim Schoedel

Member III
Bart and Cheri,

Sounds like an exciting time getting your new E. Congratulations and don't hesitate to ask questions on this great site. Sounds like a rather large lake you are on. You should have fun exploring, sailing and getting to know your boat. My wife and I started sailing about 14 yrs ago. We got "hooked" right away and are still "hooked". Enjoy