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Surveyors in San Diego


Junior Member
Our offer got accepted for an Ericson 38 and we are looking for surveyors in San Diego area. Are there any names standing out (good or bad) for marine, engine and rigging surveys?


New Member
There are really only a few people I found that would do a survey in San Diego - I had James Thomas survey my Ericson 35-2 however the situation that day became awkward and he initially was clearly repulsed by the topside condition due to the excess bird poop.... This is a fixer upper and I think tried to do me a favor by trying to reschedule for another day when I could fix some things... I don't know it got messy and on another day it might have been fine but even after eventually committing to doing the survey he missed some things that I thought were obvious. I have had a very limited experience working with surveyors but I did not feel like I learned too much from mine. I was only changed $420 though...... not sure how that all worked out - for what it is work Christian and Co have a storefront location. They were expensive but from my phone calls with them they seemed professional.... ANYWAY this is probably coming about 10 months too late. How did it go?