Three Cheers for this forum.


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I am a new owner of an old grandma E27. The whole family is already in love with her. She loves to sail.

I am soooo glad this forum exists. Where else can I get information (and connect with other Ericson aficionados) on a boat whose builder has been out of business for decades with an engine whose builder has been out of business for decades with a wheel whose builder ....... well you get the idea.

I have already gotten tremendous help (even before I bought her) for this boat from the community. I do not feel, in any way, alone. This community was in some part a factor in buying this boat. Thanks, guys. Thank you Sean.


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Congrats on your new boat! I have the similar yet totally different E-26 and It is the perfect boat for my needs. For me owning a 30 year old sailboat is kinda like my first car, a 1969 fj-40 which I lovingly rebuilt over the course of eight years, half the fun was in using it and half the fun was in bringing it back to pristine condition and better than new. This site is not only a great place not only to find help but a great avenue for sharing your creative restoration projects. (of which there will be many) Welcome.